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My reptile fascination started back in 1991 with a simple iguana. That furthered into multiple iguanas, then leopard geckos, then ball pythons, then the onslaught of critters I shared my college apartment with. Our apartment was termed 'The Zoo' or 'The Jungle', hence the name Jason's Jungle. When we rented our first apartment, it HAD to be a two bedroom...one for the reptiles and one for us :)

When our first son was born over 10 years ago, we cut down our animals from 30+ (letting go 10 breeding leopard geckos, 3 ball pythons, a breeding pair of Columbian Rainbow boas, and some miscellaneous others) to 3 snakes; No matter how I tried, I could not part with my trio of Kenyan Sand Boas, I truly loved the animals (and the affection runs in the family, below is a picture of my son circa 2003 holding Big Momma, the first of these sand boas). They were maintained as pets for 3 years before it was decided that we had to take this to the next level. We now harbor 80-100 adult snakes. Sand Boas are still the heart of my interest although we've gone from just Kenyans to roughscales, smoothscale, etc.. My original Kenyan female continues to produce incredible looking offspring and still has the best temperament of all my snakes. See our Projects page for information on our current breeding projects.

We have full time, well-paying jobs. This is not a money-maker for us. It is a hobby that we enjoy and love to share with others. We do have overhead with our facility, etc. and we obviously aim to recoup those expenses but anything above and beyond that is just icing on the cake. To see/read more about our facility, click here.

Our snakes are checked daily, kept at strict temperature levels, and more importantly, are fully documented. From the day a snake is brought into 'The Jungle', it is given an identifier and all feeding and shedding activity monitored and documented. When purchasing a snake from Jason's Jungle, this information will be passed on to the buyer. We encourage our buyers to continue the documenation process. Not only does this increase the value of the animal but it is also one of the best tools to detect sickness andalso an easy way to see breeding habits.

Because of our documentation trail, we are not able to house as many animals as most. We are able to keep records because we keep each snake housed separately and breed specifically. Housing multiple snakes together makes them more prone to contracting a disease caught by one snake. We also have strict breeding policies only pairing one male with each female so we can say with 100% assurability who the sire is of a litter. That is becoming more and more important with the onslaught of 'hets' and 'double het' genes being produced. Our snakes are priced very reasonably but yet have been handled and checked every day of their life.

Our rack business spawned from us needing caging and not finding what we needed for a price we thought was affordable. We met with several plastics companies and discussed our options. We made almost 30 units for friends and then custom orders before we released our line to the public. After many materials and designs, we have stuck with the same 'product line' for over a year now and have had outstanding results. We belive our racks are one of the best on the market with fine attention to detail, a strong structure, and reasonable prices.

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