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I knew it had been a while since an update but 9 months!!!
So anybody who knows me knows I'm all about baseball, I love baseball season and usually tackle way more than one person should, which has been one of the driving forces for me cutting back my collection every year for the past several years. In addition to coaching two Little League this teams this past season, I had the honor of coaching a Sunday Showcase team which was great, loved it!
That ended roughly at the beginning of August and work has been brutal since, 55-70 hours weeks pretty consistently and no real sign of easing up anytime soon.

So, the ball python breeding season was BRUTAL. I had one single clutch of babies from axanthic x het axanthic. I had another from genetic stripe x pastel het genetic stripe and they went bad 1-2 weeks from being full term. I think we'll be trimming quite a bit of the BPs out of the collection soon, we'll see. The sand boas did pretty well, I missed several of the key projects but did well on others, produced a lot of cool stripe stuff that we're known for.

Anyways, I hope this finds everybody well and thanks for reading!


Yes, it's been a long while...and I apologize to those few that do read this.I hope this finds everybody doing well and ready for the holidays.

Let's see, bittersweet news on the Jason's Jungle front is that we decided (after much discussion and debate) to drop the hognose from our breeding program. I love the hognose, one of my all-time favorites, but we have been pretty unsuccessful in breeding them the past two years, and I really needed the space for the growing sand boa collection. We were also able to thin out some of the ball pythons, although we still have some we'd like to cut back on. If you are interested, or know of anybody who might be, have them look at our Trim The Fat page.

Breeding season started out a bit slow, I didn't get most of the BPs cooled and paired up until late November which is about a month after I normally do. I have had a few lockups but some of my younger males that I was banking on don't appear to be interested. All in due time I suppose. The Kenyans are getting nice and plump and ready for another breeding season soon.

On the personal front, we just got done with school basketball season but are still playing travel basketball in full force. Jacob is doing well, he's getting better at his ball handling and being aggressive and continues to do a great job rebounding and causing turnovers.

Kyle is doing well in school, we're waiting for the 1st semester report card but it looks and sounds like he may make A/B honor roll. He has his first solid girlfriend and she's pretty awesome, she's kind of become an extended part of the family now.



Just spent this morning (the advantages of baseball finally being OVER) upating the website and getting some 2012 babies photographed and documented. All of our 2012 ball pythons are added as well as the 2012 hognose clutch and the 2012 sand boas that I have so far.

I'm still waiting on 3 exciting anery litters (my 3 best girls) and I'm pulling my hair out waiting.

Time is running out for the 'exclusive' on the Trim the Fat sale, I'm going to be posting it here on Kingsnake very soon. If there's something you're interested in, let me know ASAP.

Hope everybody is doing well!


I know, 5 months and now two updates in 2 weeks. I was just on updating some pictures of some newly acquired stuff and some available animals and figured I'd drop a line.

First, our hognose hatched over the weekend, they're from my nice red girl that always produces nice babies. Unfortunately these are the only ones I'll be producing this year.

2nd, I wanted to give a big shout-out to the Franklin Senior League All-Star team who dominated last weekend in the district tournament and is now on their way to the State tournament next weekend. We were pretty fortunate in the situation but the boys played incredibly well!


Wow, 5 months since an update. What few loyal readers I have I may have lost! Been a CRAZY summer. I've always been active in the local baseball program but this year I coached both of my boys' teams as well as sat in on the Board of Directors. It's finally winding down and we're just left a few more practices, a regional tournament, and then some of Jacob's travel ball until August.

Well, to be blunt, this breeding season SUCKED! Regardless of how busy I've been, with the rack business gone, I was able to devote a lot of time to the critters and had a great breeding season. I was really looking forward to producing some epic clutches (at least by my standards) but I had very few clutches (5 so far with another hatching any day) and got stupid odds on those that I did produce (anybody need normal males???...grrr...). Pastel x bee looking for more killers...pastels and normals. Pewter x pastel looking to produce some sterilings...pastels, a cinnamon, and normals. Axanthic x het axanthic to produce more beautiful VPI axanthics, 6 eggs and one axanthic. All of those awesome hognose I have including some albino females, het albino females, and possible het albinos? One friggin' clutch from het axanthic x red normal. Just brutal...

So needless to say, we WILL be trimming some more fat this year, more than usual. Between another bad year and a move coming soon (trying to do that with as many animals as we have now would be unbearable), we'll be cutting back pretty well, especially trying to hold onto things that eat F/T and definitely trying to create some more space for sand boas I have growing up. I'll eventually have everything here on the Trim The Fat page.

I really do hope everybody is doing well and I apologize about the crazy delay in getting things posted. The 2012 ball python babies will be up soon.


Hope everybody is doing well. Breeding season is going well here, the hognose are out of brumation and plumping up nicely, the sand boas have started breeding, and the ball pythons have been going to town for a few months. Not sure what the unusual temperatures are going to do to the production this year but that's a bit out of my hands. Have the possibility to produce some pretty neat stuff, hope a few of the 'big ones' hit.

Boys are still keeping us hopping with their baseball and basketball and doing well. Both made A/B honor rolls at school this previous semester and we couldn't be prouder. Work is crazy busy right now, I haven't seen a week less than 50-55 hours since we returned back to work on 1/2/2012. Seems I'm putting 10 hours a day in at work then working 1-2 hours from home after the boys go to bed and the typical hubbub is finished.

I've added St. Louis to our calendar for 2012 but unfortunately, with our crazy summer schedule, it's going to be hard for me to commit to much more than that as of right now, anything else would purely be speculative.

I just updated the Available pages so they should be almost 100% accurate now, sorry for that that were interested in something that had already been sold (the 2011 spider female in particular I could have sold 6 or 7 times over!).

Take care everybody!


I hope everybody had a great holiday season, we had a good one here, got to spend some time with family, and eat good (although way too much) food.

Well, a couple of things going on here. First, Jacob has joined a 2nd travel basketball team so he's really keeping us hopping, plus Kyle has weights or baseball practice after school every day. Second, we had a water main break in our concrete foundation the 1st week of December. What a nightmare it's been with contractors in and out. My week off between Xmas and New Year's was spent doing nothing but working on the house, we decided that while we were getting the carpet and vinyl replaced because of the water damanage, that we'd paint the whole downstairs. The finished project looks great, but that was a LONG week. We're just waiting on some small details to get finished up, settle up with the general contractor, and hope this never happens again.

I just went through and did a total revamp of he 'Projects' section of the website as well as some backend redesign to better organize things on my side. I have made checking out our breeding stock MUCH easier with BPs, sand boas, and hognose all grouped on one page (one per species) rather than having 12pages just for BPs and 7 for sand boas. It really cut down the amount of pages I have to keep updated and makes the file organization easier for me. I also went through and added some BPs that are still available from this year (no wonder I still have them, they were never on the site!!!).

Sorry again for the long reply between entries and I wish everybody a blessed 2012!


Seriously, it's supposed to be our SLOW time of the year, how can I go over 3 months without updating the site??? It's been a weird year. I haven't had much of an urge to update the site or even go to great lenghts to do shows...but I'm still into this 'snake thing' as much as ever and have been spending a ton of time with the animals (one of the advantages of not having the racks anymore). I'm greatly looking forward to the coming breeding season when we should have some pretty neat stuff.

Our youngest son Jacob made travel baseball over the summer and is now also playing travel basketball as well as recreation ball at a local church so that has definitely been keeping us running (that 2-3 practices and 2-3 games a week) plus he still has batting practice once a week.

I finally got the remaining 2011 critters on the Available page, that's been a long time coming. I put up an ad on Kingsnake to try to sell some of the remaining stock of sand boa babies and realized that I had some on the site that had sold and a lot that weren't on the site...all fixed.

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving, I hope everybody enjoys the time off, gets to spend some time with family, and definitely gets to spend a few minutes to be thankful for all of the things this world has given us.


Just got back from our first show of the year. We decided sort of last minute to head down to Bowling Green, Kentucky to start the year off. I have several others I've added to the calendar and will be adding more. This was the first show we've done without the racks, definitely felt a little 'naked' without them but was nice to have a quick setup and to take a car rather than hauling the trailer. Sold several animals which is always good. Didn't sell any of the higher dollar animals that I thought I'd sell but definitely cleaned house on some of my 2010 sand boas.

Came home to a nice surprise, had a big litter of stripes from my original stripe male to one of my older females. Think I counted 16 of them, major variety in their patterns, ranging from almost solid black to decently wide striped. I'll get pictures up soon.

Had a MAJOR kick in the nuts the other night. My last clutch of BPs was from a het axanthic I produced several years ago bred back to my axanthic male. Not only did I not produce a single axanthic out of 5 eggs, but they were ALL males. Such is life, I've had some pretty decent odds the rest of the year (including some high female ratios) so I guess I had it coming :)

Alright, been a long day, I got the animals put away, website updated, and I'm SO ready for bed. Until the next time...


Happy early 4th of July everybody! I was just sticking some pics on the site and update the Trim the Fat Sale so thought I'd post here. It's been a busy hatching week. Our axanthic clutch started hatching and by the time they could come out, our bee x pastel clutch hatched. Right after that, we had two crested gecko clutches hatch and our 2nd western hognose clutch!

I'm very proud to announce that we have produced our first killer bee! We tried last year but ended up with some bees instead. This clutch proved out much better. Out of 6 eggs we got one killer, two bees, and 3 pastels (okay, the 3 pastels are a little off-the-wall but I'll take the rest!).

My niece and nephew are in town visiting for the 4th. They're SO darn cute. I sure wish they were closer so we could see them more often. Alright, need to sign off for the night but have a safe and happy 4th of July all!


Hatching season is here! Within 4 days of one another, we had our first litter of hognose hatch, our first ball pythons of the year hatch, and our first 2 clutches of crested geckos hatch. Yeah!!!

I'm proud that we produced another super cinammon ball python this year, another male. Perfectly formed with no defects!

I also just put together our 2011 trim the fat page. Every year we look to sell off some breeders and holdbacks and make room for some upcoming projects. I have held back a LOT of ball pythons that I won't let go (three I'll tell you about...two pastel het ghost females, a pastel het g-stripe female, and a pastel het axanthic female) so we need to make some room! You can check the page here. I'll leave it here for a few days before I put it on Kingsnake.

I should have the 2011 babies online here soon, bear with me.


Sorry about another long stretch without an update. Phew, I'm glad that the rack business is over with, baseball has been keeping me hopping. The rain this year has been horrific so anytime it's not raining, we seem to be playing.

With the extra time, I'm also trying to get/keep myself in shape. For those that don't know, I lost about 25 pounds the past 18 months or so (started at 215 and am right at 190). Keeping it off is becoming more and more difficult. Although I swore I would NEVER be a runner, Misha starting running last year (and even did the 500 Festival Mini Marathon this year...13 miles!) and I'm starting to run with her. I can't handle the distance that she does but I can do 2-3 miles with ease. We're actually running a 5K (3.1 miles) together on Memorial Day for the first time.

The snakes are doing pretty well this year. I already have one sand boa litter down (stripe x stripe), 4 ball python clutches in the incubator, and 2 hognose clutches. I'm expecting 1-2 more of each and that will probably be our year. Not going to do nearly as well with the BPs as I would have hoped for somebody with such breeding potential but it is what it is.

Just jumped online to update some inventory and get some pictures sent out to people. I hope everybody is doing well and enjoys their Memorial Day.


Just got back from an impromptu appearance at the Wheaton, IL show yesterday. What a great show. Huge venue, plenty of room, and a TON of people through the door. I've never seen a monthly show quite like it. We had a few orders to drop off so figured we'd go ahead and setup and try to sell the remaining 2010 babies and try to sell the remaining racks. Not a horrible show, I did pick up some AMAZING cresteds but managed to not buy anything other than that.

Not much else going on here, snake breeding is still in full affect and we're just starting to see the start of the 2011 crested eggs. Basketball season started a few weeks back so that has kept me busy every Tuesday and every Saturday.

We're down to single digits on the racks! I have 10 left and 4 of those are spoken for so really 6 remaining racks to sell. No complaints so far, I enjoy the extra time for sure.

Alright, need to jump off. Was just on updating the available animals and thought I'd put a note out. Hope everybody is doing well!


Well, it's been a bit of an emotional night here. We rolled the last rack out of the shop tonight.

That's right, it's with both regret and excitement that I share with you all that Jason's Jungle will no longer be manufacturing rack sysems. It's been a great 8 years but the time has come. For those that know me, you know that this was a VERY difficult decision. I am incredibly proud of the racks and the market share we've been able to get from being 'a guy in his garage' operation. You've also figured out now that my life is an open book so if you're curious, here are the reasons why:

1. First and foremost, I need to spend more time with the family. Each rack takes around 3 hours to complete. I make 80-100 a year. That's 240-300 HOURS per year I spend making these things in addition to the 45+ hours/week I work at my full-time job. That's time that can and will be better spent with my family. I'm an active parent, I not only attend functions, I get involved, usually coaching or helping in some way. During peak season, I struggle to balance it all as I'm estranged to the garage to work on racks. There have been weekends I have been out there from dusk until dawn on both Saturday and Sunday. The week between Xmas and New Year's I had off work and spent every day but one in the garage making the last round of racks while the kids were inside babysitting themselves. It's not an acceptable way of life to me anymore and I need to spend some time with them while I still can, they're growing so fast they'll be going to college before I know it.

2. A thing that many people don't know about is that we have been struggling with credit card debt for 3-4 years. At one point in time, we owed over $25K! We have buckled down hard, put ourselves on a budget, went without things we wanted but didn't need. I'm happy to say that we are now down to a zero balance on our credit cards. Of course we still have two cars, a mortgage, a property loan, etc. but I think most people have those sort of things :) We're certainly not loaded, but I'm in a place now where I don't NEED to be busting my butt for 3 hours to make $40. Also, the fluctuation of the payments needed to maintain the rack business is difficult. Each round of plastic runs me between $3000 and $5000. Sometimes I'll turn that over in 4 weeks, sometimes it's 10 weeks. That's not even including the cost of the tubs (it's not unusual to buy $500+ worth at a time) nor the heat tape (a roll of 100' heat tape will get me through a decent round of racks but runs almost $400). To really get through a round of 16 or so racks usually puts me out of pocket around $6000.

3. The heart of Jason's Jungle is still breeding high quality animals. I doubt I'll quit breeding as long as I'm breathing. I love it. I love each one of my animals. I love putting recipes together and seeing the whole cycle. That part of the business isn't going away. In fact, quite the opposite, this will allow me to spend some more TLC on my collection. I was very disappointed in my production last year (ball pythons and hognose especially) and a lot of the blame lies with me. I was so busy making racks and getting through the rat race of life that I didn't breed or keep like I should have. The animals deserve the best care I can give them and this will certainly help with that. In turn, my output should be better or at the least, I can say I gave it my best effort.

4. Lastly, I'm not a young pup anymore. For those that don't know, I'm a glorified computer geek during the day which means I'm on a keyboard at least 6+ hours each and every day. Carpal tunnel is creeping in quickly. My hands and wrists get achy and I often lose strength and sometimes even feeling in my hands. Making the racks requires having a welder or drill in your hand almost constantly. The two don't mix well.

Hopefully that gives you a bit of insight to the reasoning behind it all. I can have a smile on my face and proudly say that we're not doing this because we failed. We haven't advertised our racks (expect for an ad in the NARBC program the past few years) in over 6 years! Most of the year, I can't keep up with the demand, let alone add additional clients :) We're not selling 1000 racks a year like some of the 'big names' do, but they also don't handcraft their products so they have much less time invested in their products like I do. I turned down about $3K of rack orders last week alone. In my mind, we didn't fail. I'll in fact miss the extra income that the racks brings in and lots of 'moments of clarity' I've had while building the racks. However in the end, the good far outweighs the bad.

For our customers over the years, I can't thank you enough for putting your faith in the 'little guy'. It's been an honor to serve you and provide you with a great product and I apologize that I cannot continue to do so.

The journey isn't quite over. I do have quite a bit of inventory built up and am still taking orders. If you prefer to go somewhere else because you know I won't be here long-term, I respect that decision. If you would like your last chance to get your hands on Jason's Jungle racks, drop us an e-mail or give us a call, we'd love to help. I'm trying to keep the rack page updated with the current inventory that's left. We'll still be traveling to shows and will have the racks with us as long as they last. Although in a year from now we won't be hauling the big JJ trailer, we still plan on being at the same shows we've done over the years but will just be selling our reptiles. Actually getting better than 9 miles a gallon (yeah, that's about what we get pulling the beast) might allow us to make it to more shows than we do currently. There have been a lot of shows that were just impractical for us because of that reason. This may allow us to do some additional shows that we haven't been able to do. Another justification to add to the above (or at least in my own mind) I guess :)

Little pictorial stroll down memory lane...
1. my very first rack (yes I made it, yes it's wood, and yes it has belly heat...hell has frozen over!)
2. Steve (RIP buddy!) helping with the very first Jason's Jungle rack, one I used for myself for years. Steve is the one that convinced me to put my crafting skill to use and market the racks. Sadly he passed in 2006 before we even reached our prime. I think he'd be proud and probably say "I told you so!".
3. The shop in July 2007, crazy times. Having Richard and Mike helping is the only thing that got me through that year.
4. A picture of our setup at a show in 2009 showing 8 of our 10 models.

Again, thank you all who support us and allowed us to keep this 'hobby' alive for so long. God bless you all.


Okay, I have unveiled the update to the Projects section. At first glance, it may not appear like much if you didn't look at it before but it's a lot more organized now and also includes lots of BP projects that weren't previously on there. I still have some work documenting all of my stripe project under the Sand Boa section but I like it a lot better.

I also updated all of my available 2009 and 2010 offspring. The funny thing is that I've been very disappointed in the lack of interest in my stripe anerys and het stripe anerys that I produced this year. I just found out that I did NOT have them on the site. Grrrrr...

Thanks again for everybody's patience and we look forward to seeing some of you in St. Louis and the rest of you in 2011!


Some of my faithful followers are giving me a hard time about how long it's been since an update...and they're right! Wow, hard to believe this is our 'dead season' and I can't find time to update the site. I finally made time today and have been sitting her updating the projects pages (I have a new 'look' to unveil here shortly which will improve the experience I think). I'm also going to condense down my available offspring since we've sold quite a bit since the last update.

The rosies and hognose are down for their nice winter nap and the temps have been dropped and ball pythons have started to breed. Hopefully we'll get better numbers this year than we did the last but we have some GREAT pairings this year that could get us some really neat stuff, I just hope even half of it comes through.

Our first basketball season is over with. I've been coaching two teams again. Both did very well. Kyle's team ended up with only 4 players and they played so well together that they ended up being the other teams in the league 4-on-5. Not an easy task. The next season starts in the middle of January and then right after that the crazy of baseball season.

I still haven't put together the 2011 show schedule but we're definitely doing the St. Louis show on 1/2/2011 and I'm going to try to squeeze the Indy February show in as long as it doesn't conflict with basketball. I still have quite a few sand boas and rosys left from the season so hopefully I can move some of those out here shortly. I ended up wholesaling out some of my sand boas which I've NEVER had to do before. Unfortunately, we were totally out of rack space and needed to get rid of some.

Well, that's really about it. I know it doesn't sound like enough to warrant a 2 month hiatus from updates but somehow it's been that long.

I wish each and every one of you and your families the merriest of holidays and we hope to see you in 2011!


Geez. I knew it had been a while but I didn't realize it had been THAT long, I greatly apologize. The rack business has been keeping us very busy, they have really been a hit this year.

We just got back from Tinley Park. Unfortunately we got a bit hosed over on getting a table but we went up, dropped some racks off, did some shopping, and hung out with friends. I apologize to anybody that went there to buy and didn't find us!

Well, the boa year was looking pretty dismal, as of 5 weeks ago I only had 3 rosy boas and that was IT. Since then I've had 3 litter of Kenyans (and one coming) and 3 litters of rosies. The hatchling rack is almost entirely full and I have another Kenyan litter to put away. That said, if anybody is interested in bulk Kenyans or rosys, please let me know. I have WAY more than I'll be able to sell before next year.

Probably the most important thing...we produced anery stripe Kenyans!!!! This is a project I've been in deep with and something I've wanted to do for a while. Those that know me saw how excited I was last year to produce the stripe hets. I took my two males that I held back, and bred each with a high-white anery girl and the results are nothing less than amazing!

We did a little shopping while we were in Tinley. We got a juvenile ghost female and juvenile lesser female. We also traded stripes with Scott Miller and got a male stripe anery with substantially more size. Thanks Scott!

I have put the 60+ sand and rosy boas on the site now so please look and let me know if we can help you out with anything!

Hope all is well with everybody!


Just finished adding the rest of the babies to the website, that's about it for ball pythons. I have one clutch of het red axanthics shedding now that I'll get added soon but the incubator is turned off for the year.

If you haven't heard my griping, we got our butts KICKED this year. I only produced 4 double-dominants, all 4 males. Not to be over zealous but I had 9 breedings that should have given me double or triple dominant babies. We had a ton of eggs go bad in the incubator and had two clutches simply die in the egg at or near full-term. What I did produce was very male (and normal) heavy.

On a positive note, our 2nd to the last clutch (and the last egg to be cut) produced an amazing snake. Have a look:

We have started show season, have two under our belts so far and will be doing the St. Louis show on 8/14. Hope to see our Illinois and Missouri friends there!

Until next time...


Thanks to all who sent b-day wishes last week, I really appreciate it!

I just spent some time adding the rest of the 2010 BP babies to the site and also putting up another Trim the Fat Sale, being offered to my customers/readers first. I'm out of room and need to move some holdbacks up for next year, help! Okay, getting some funds back from the $5K in plastic I just spent won't hurt either :)

Been working on racks non-stop (literally put 15 hours on them last weekend and about 16 hours the weekend before). Our 'stash' is about dried up so we're busy making more for the show season starting this weekend in Shepherdsville. Looking forward to getting back on the road!

I apologize if anybody was looking for me at the Indy show last weekend. It snuck up way too fast and we didn't have anything/everything ready so we decided to pass on it.

Hope to see you all soon!


Phew, baseball season is finally done. We have a party for each of the teams left but we're in the home stretch for sure.

As promised, I have put the available 2010 ball pythons online in the Available section. I'm also still working on the new layout for the Projects section. Hope to have that done in a few weeks.


Well, I warned you I'd get busy this season and I wasn't lying. For the past 2-3 months we've been doing the 'baseball thing' for at least 4 nights a week. It wasn't rare for us to go M-F and then two games on Saturday. Helping with two teams is more than a handful!

The 2010 hatchlings have arrived. We have 3 clutches of ball pythons hatched and almost ready to go. I'll be getting those on the site here soon. The sand boas and rosy boas have been breeding like crazy and I have several female hognose about ready to drop.

The past few years have been a real 'kick in the nuts' as they say so I did everything I could to make 2010 a great year for us and it's looking like I may have failed. I bred 22 ball python girls and had a total of 10 clutches. Out of those, I had two go bad, including a het red axanthic x het red axanthic clutch and a HUGE pastel clutch. I've already had two litters of infertile hognose eggs to boot. I'm also banking on some young males to do some VERY cool stuff on the sand boa front and when you bank on young males, you're often left disappointed.

On the plus side, we did hit some bumblebees and lemon blasts this year. As many of you know, I've been trying to produce blasts for several years without success and I finally got one. But just so God keeps me humble, he gave me 4 normals to go along with it and made it a boy :) At this point, I'll take what I can get.

The rack business is going well. In what free time I have, I've been trying to crank out racks for orders. 3 weekends ago we went up to Gurnee, IL and dropped a load off for a couple of good customers of mine (thanks Wally & Sean!), this past weekend we rode over to St. Louis to do the same, and this weekend we're heading down to Shepherdsville to do it again. Shows will kick in for us in July once baseball season is done and I can get a nice big round of racks ready to go.

I'm also working on a site redesign for the Projects/Collection area, it was pretty cluttered and we've added tons of projects since the last update. I've had several people tell me about how graphic intense my website is so I started looking into it and found the reasoning. All of my little pictures (like the lemon blast above) are actually big pictures. I'm going through and creating thumbnail versions of each one and referencing them in the documents and then making them 'clickable' for larger versions. That should help matters a bunch, especially on pages like this one that has a lot of pictures.

I'll get the website updated soon so you can all check out the 2010 babies. Until then, hope everybody is well!


Hello everybody! The rosies and hognose have come out of brumation and are getting warmed and fattened up, everybody did well during the winter. I have a few BP clutches that are pretty close, probably just a few weeks away from the first clutch, should be an interesting year. Looks like the BP baby count will be down again, I only feel eggs in 5 out of 14 girls so far but the year's still young, we'll have to wait and see.

Not much going on other than that, basketball season is winding down and we'll pick up on baseball. I'm going to try to coach two teams this year since the little one is now playing. I've already told the family that each has to pull their own weight if there's any way for us to make it through this year.

Rack sales are doing pretty well, had a few big orders that have kept me busy at that.

We went to the February NARBC show in Tinley Park to drop some orders off and walk around, how incredibly weird. All in all, it was probably half or less than half the size it usually was and it was easier than pie to get in. I hope they did okay but it looked dead on Sunday. Picked up a few crested geckos but that was it, just came home with supplies other than that.

Alright, going to do some updates to the site real quick then jump off. Hopefully the next update will be with some pictures of BP eggs! Until then...


Happy New Year to all! I hope everybody had a great holiday season. We hosted both Xmas and New Year's Eve so a lot of time was spent making food and cleaning house before and after. It's been about 8 years since we've hosted Xmas and we thoroughly enjoyed. The kids got spoiled rotten as usual but that's what Xmas is about isn't it?

Sorry for the delay in posting. This is our dead time of year isn't it??? :) I know it is, just spending some time with the family, been playing quite a bit of racquetball (no, I'm not good at it, but I do sweat a lot).

I got back into an old hobby recently, RC cars. I had been contemplating it but then I drove my friend Bradon's car back on our golf trip and I was hooked. It was kind of an Xmas present from me to me :) My buddy Josh got one as well so we've been running them together. Unfortunately it got cold fast so running time has been minimal. He also got a larger scale truck so his literally just runs over mine. It's not the size that matters though right? :)

The rosies and hognose are all 'chilling out'. We put them down in November and will pull them out in February. I'm excited to produce some albino hogs this year. The ball pythons are breeding pretty well. I'm quite excited about our potential for the coming year. Ideally we could produce pastels, spiders, mojaves, cinnys, pinstripes, het red axanthics, axanthics, ghosts, bumblebees, pewters, super cinnys, lemon blasts, super pastels, killer bees, and pewter bees. We might have some stuff with the genetic stripe gene as well, I got myself an 'almost' breeder pair that I'm trying to work with. Anyways, could be quite a lineup if things go well. As years in the past have taught me, I'm not counting my babies until they hatch, we've been pretty well aligned the past few years and just didn't produce what we should have.

For those that haven't heard, there's a special Tinley Park show in February next month. We're not setting up (I have nothing but sand boas avaiable and it'd be hard to pay for the costs with just those) but I am going to be there and dropping off some racks. The same for the St. Louis show in March. If anybody needs anything, holler at me and I'll bring it!

Alright, for those that have been yelling at me for an update, there you have it, there's an update .

Until next time, hope everybody is doing well!


8/25 is the last update, are you serious??? Wow, I knew I was busy with racks and such but I didn't realize it had been that long. Sorry for those few faithful followers that we do have.

Well, as I said, I spent the better part of a month working in the shop almost every night after work and then most weekend when we weren't doing shows. We ended up taking a whoppin 28 racks with us to Tinley. We're coming back with 11 of them but 5 never got to see the show floor because we ran ourselves out of room.

Ah, Tinley Park 2009. Had a great time. We moved a TON of rosies and a decent amount of sand boas and ball pythons. Saturday was INCREDIBLY slow for the rack business but we made up for it on Sunday. Rob and his wife Beth joined us for the show and it was great to have their help. Rob is a very hard worker and just has a knack behind the table, not to mention is awesome with snakes. The show was busy for us though, I never made it halfway around the show floor. We also totally forgot to take pics of the setup until we were tearing down! We did get to spend some time with our friends down in KY, Richard, Aleshia from MA, and Heather from CA. It was awesome hanging with you all, let's do it again next year!

Richard, Misha, Brett, Me, Alicia, Pete, Beth, Heather, Rob, Wes, and Sarah at Rock Bottom; The Gang tearin down; The group managing to smile when it's all over

I also got to spend some time with Scott Miller who's a fantastic guy. I spent some time snapping some pics of some of his animals, hopefully he doesn't mind if I post a few of my favorites here :) I also picked up some GREAT stuff from him. One project I'm going to keep secret for a while, it's the most exciting thing I've ever had a chance to work with!

The new 'splash' Kenyans offered from the Bell's (we had our eyes on this girl but Scott got her first...bastard!); the infamous stripe anery (I'm black & white with jealousy!!!)

We have a show in KY this weekend and then I really don't know what. I wanted to be done but we still have 60 or so sand and rosy boas that need to go, a handful of hognose, and about a dozen balls.

Alright, I need to head out and get the boys something to eat and hit the airport tonight for some shipments. Hope everybody is well and look forward to talking soon!


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