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Hope everybody is doing well. A lot has happened since the last update.

On a disappointing note, we lost Big Momma shortly after my last post. For those that didn't get a chance to meet her, she was our 17 year old Kenyan sand boa. She produced over 200 babies for us and more importantly, she turned thousands of kids and adults alike into 'reptile people'. Losing her was a huge disappointment for our family.

On a positive note, we've had boas rolling out of our ears. We had a total of 3 Mexican rosy litters, a San Felipe litter, an albino Whitewater rosy litter, a 20-baby litter of anery Kenyans and then something we're very excited about....we had a 33-baby litter of het anery stripes! That is an important litter for multiple reasons. First, 33 is one of the largest litters of sand boas to date and second, these will be the first stripe het anery babies to be offered for sale anywhere! I will certainly be holding back 2.2 or so but will offering the rest as soon as they get a few meals in them.

The racks have been selling VERY well. We had great shows in St. Louis and Kentucky and have pre-orders for the next several shows.

Anyways, I'm still working on pictures of the available hognose, anerys, and rosies and should have them up this week.


What a schmuck I am. It's been the quiet part of our year and I still can't keep the website updated. We ended up having an extended baseball season with the All-Star team and then the past 3 weeks I've been entirely consumed by racks. Early July I realized that we start the show season hard in August and I only had a handful of racks. So, we got a huge order of plastic and almost every day I've been out working on racks and should just barely meet my deadline of next weekend.

Apologies to those that were expecting us at the Wisconsin show this weekend. Not only did I not have the product or pre-sales, but this was Dave Matthews weekend, there was no way I could have made it there. Brett and I went on Friday night then Misha and I went last night (one of our only date nights of the year). Anyways, it was a good time both nights. If nobody has seen DMB in concert and likes their music, you MUST see them live.

News from this side...we FINALLY had a litter of boas, a liter of Mexican rosy boas. We also hatched out two more crested geckos (bringing the total to 4). We also have hognose hatched/hatching. Two seperate litters, about 12 total.

We're hitting shows hard this month so we hope to see a lot of you. We'll be doing St. Louis, Shepherdsville, and Indianapolis all within 4 weeks.

Until then or the next update!


I had to share the news...some of you don't know it, but we're closet crested gecko lovers. We started getting a small collection last year for fun and now we're up to 10, two breeding colonies and then some that Kyle keeps in his room (some of the prettiest ones we have actually) until they're old enough.

Anyways, we have 9 eggs on the ground and we got our first clutch to hatch. The first baby came out last night and the 2nd one I caught coming out of it's egg tonight. Although the female is just a plain dalmation and the dad is an insane mosaic, the babies (as of now) are just a deep, deep red.

We went to the Shepherdsville show yesterday to drop off some racks, enjoyed the visit with everybody down there and went and had some Ichiban sushi/hibachi, the absolute BEST place to eat sushi anywhere.

I think I forgot to mention two of our new reptile related and one totally not :)

We lost Malcom, our dog of 16 years, about 3 months ago and then one of our cats a few weeks later. After a few weeks of grieving, we searched out a Beagador and found the perfect one in Terre Haute. We made the drive to visit a few months ago and picked her up the next weekend. She's been great. If you don't put your stuff up, she'll chew it up in a heartbeat but other than a few accidents in that arena, she's been great. The albino hognose is something I've wanted for a long while and got at a great price. I have a few PH albinos to breed it too.

Alright, off to bed I go...hope to catch everybody in Evansville, IN this weekend!


Just wanted to pass on an update real quick. Clutch #3 hatched, looks like we got 5 out of 8 pastels. Clutch #4 is hatching right now, this is the 4 eggs from pastel x pastel. One of those got wet and went south QUICK and one had about 1/3 nippled. Looks like we have a pastel dead in the egg, a normal, and a SUPER! Wow, got lucky on that one.

Took an impromptu trip to St. Louis yesterday. Had no intentions of going but had several customers interested in racks and it all came together at the last minute. Thanks to everybody who got racks from us and thanks to Brett for keeping me awake on the way to and from.

We're making a stop in Shepherdsville next weekend (although we'll doubtfully setup).

Until next time!


Yes, I'm alive! Just been hibernating a bit...actually baseball has been killing us, almost done!

'09 babies have arrived. I have several 100% VPI axanthic and true VPI axanthic ball pythons available now on the Available page. More babies (pastels) should be hatching this week.

As I've said, we cut back quite a bit this year and it really shows. We also just didn't hit the numbers we should have hit. As a prime example, I bred 5 adult female pastels (3 to the pintstripe, 2 to the spider, and one to the pastel). Out of those, I got one wimpy clutch out of the pastel/pastel breeding and I'll be lucky to have 3 of the eggs hatch. Nothing else...just going to be a little short of what I expected. Just a fair warning to those that were expecting a big variety of thing this year...we should have some neat stuff coming though, including some good stuff with the stripe Kenyans.

I'm just sitting here listening to the long awaited Dave Matthews Band album that came out on Tuesday. For those that don't know, if I have a bigger passion than reptiles, it's DMB! Below is a link to the album on Amazon, please support the band by buying the album and supporting their tour this summer. If you've never been to a DMB show,there's nothing else like it.

Other than baseball and getting racks built for the show season, there's not much going on (nor is there room). Looking forward to getting the show season started and looking forward to getting some boa babies on the ground.

Alright, I'm hitting the sack, I've put seveal hours tonight into taking and editing pictures and getting the site updated. TGIF to everybody tomorrow!


Hey all...just wanted to let everybody know that we're alive and well, just still enjoying the 'break' that winter/spring gives us. Baseball season is in full effect which is taking up 3 days a week.

I'm predicting a smaller year than normal but should have some interesting stuff. I only batted about 50% on my ball pythons (a bit disappointing) but I have 3 clutches cooking already (two axanthic and one pastel) and expect about 5 more. That's still several shy of our normal. The rosies and hognose are out of brumation, they're chunked up and started breeding. Sand boas are breeding well, should have some interesting stripe combinations available this year.

We're 'visiting' shows, dropping off racks as needed but haven't sent anything up for '09 yet. I've put a few select dates on the front page. We'll add more when we have some babies on the ground.


Hey all, hope everybody is having a good 2009. Finally getting an update in. We've had a whole lot of little things going on but nothing too major. Just a few notes about changes/updates to the website and to the business itself:

- For those not in the loop, Sterilite has discontinued their old ClearView product line which is what my racks (and several competitors) were based on. Yes it sucks, those tubs were awesome...BUT, it's not the end of the world. They came out with a new line called ClearView Latch. The 15 and 32-quart tubs have almost the identical dimensions and can fit in to any of the racks I've made the past 4 years (some of the ones older than that are going to be a tight fit). The 6-quart tubs are about 1/4" taller and do NOT work. The other 6-quart tubs at Target will work but are a bit tight. Home Depot also sells a 6-quart tub from Best Plastics that fits perfectly.
As for moving forward, we'll be using the new 15 and 32-quart tubs and using the other 6-quart tub from Target (think it's called the Glacier series, it's part #1642).

- Our rack prices are going up. This is not a raise because I'm full of myself, it's a necessary raise. The cost of each sheet of plastic has gone up over $20/each since my prices were last raised. Tubs have gone up about 25% and even things like power cords have gone up a lot. I'm jumping $25 on every rack for right now. We may have to jump the larger ones more at some point, we'll see how it works out.

- I've updated the website with the remaining '08 rosies and ball pythons. Sorry for being such a slacka$$ on that. I have also done an overhaul on our rack page to better break down our product lines.

- We're out of 2008 sand boas altogether. We should have plenty more in '09.

Think that's it for now. I have taken a ton of ball python breeding pictures but haven't gone through them and posted them yet. Just to give you some insight on what we're doing, we have the following breeding:

Pinstripe x Pastel (x3)
Spider x Pastel (x2)
Pastel x Pastel
Pinstripe x Normal
Mojave x Normal
Ghost x Het Ghost
Axanthic x Het Axanthic (x2)
Pastel x Normal (x2)
Spider x Normal

That's a lot smaller group than we've had the last several years, we cut our stock back quite a bit plus we had several pastel girls that were ready to go this year so cut back some normals.

Racks have been going well considering the time of year. It's usually dead as heck right now but we've been doing okay.

We finally made Reptiles magazine. Not sure if anybody caught it but we're in the ReptiGear section of the March issue.

Alright, I'm off to start updating the site. Until next time!


I know, I's the quiet time of year, I'm supposed to be updating every week. Things should be getting better. We're doing the St. Louis show on 12/28 then we'll be done with shows until the June timeframe. We have the hognose and rosies laid down for a long winter's nap, and a good portion of our '08 offsprings are gone.

The ball breeding season has kicked off with a bang. Only my mojave is failing to do the job. The pinstripe I showed off below is breeding like a machine and has locked up with my two pastel females at least 3 times each already. The axanthic, spider, and ghost are all also doing well. The pastel is doing pretty well, but not quite as much 'gusto' as I'd like. I have 4 1/2 pastel females breeding this year (the 1/2 is one that's only about 1400g), pretty excited about having the chance to produce bumblebees, supers, and lemon blasts all next year.

The rack biz is going VERY well for this time of year. We have had some big orders go out and just some steady business. Thanks to all of you for keeping us going throughout the winter!

Speaking of winter, it's friggin' cold here in Indiana. Bitter, bitter cold. Without windchill it's about 16 degrees outside right now. I don't mind a bit of winter weather but this is silly. 10 minutes outside and your face feels like it's going to crack.

Alright, that's enough of an update for now. I hope everybody has a great holiday season and we look forward to seeing some of you in St. Louis on the 28th.


To all of those faithful followers, I apologize. The past few months I just got in a bit over my head. I've done a poor job of keeping the 'blog' updated as well as keeping my animal selection on the website updated (the rosies for example haven't been updated all year).

The past few weeks have been a blur. We spent almost every night in the shop and almost two entire weekends getting ready for the big Tinley Park show. The show was last weekend and things went well. We took the whole crew: myself, Misha, Brett, and Richard and did we ever need it. There were several times that we couldn't keep up. We ended up selling about 30 animals and 14 racks. Weird thing happened with the racks. We sold almost every small rack that we took but didn't sell a SINGLE big one. How odd. Usually at shows like that, the big racks go much better than the small ones. Anyways, things went well, we all got a long, got some good bonding time in (only the 3rd time this year that Misha and I have had a night alone), and we didn't totally lose our butts.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the show:

The trailer was PACKED, 22 racks plus 4 more in Richards truck; The Jason's Jungle gang: Brett, me, Misha, and Richard; The 'sand boa guys': myself, Scott Miller, Scott Stark, and Chris Smith

The 'setup', we got shorted a table space so we had to make due; everybody working hard during teardown...except me, I was just having fun taking pictures HAHAHA!

It just wouldn't be Tinley if I didn't pick something up. I know I'm supposed to be cutting back but I just LOVE lemon blasts. I have 4 adult pastel females but no on Sunday we went on the prowl to find a breeder pinstripe and we did just that. We almost sucked it up and bought a blast but it was only an early '08 and I didn't want to take the chances. Here's our new acquisition:

The cutbacks are going very well. I have a few more things I'm still trying to move:

Breeder Yellow Ghost Male - $400
Het Genetic Stripe male - $75
Breeder Female Ball Pythons - $150/each

For those that haven't heard, Sterilite dealt me a swift kick in the nuts. They are discontinuing their ClearView product line that has become the standard in rack systems (taking a bow as I was one of the first, when I got into this, everybody was using Rubbermaids). We're stockpiling everything that we can but I'm envisioning a dead period here in December where I quit making racks and see what the heck they're going to do. They have some replacement tubs that are 'good' but not as good as the ClearView. The worse part is that the sweater box and blanket box tubs (the 15 quart and 32 quart equivalents) aren't the same height so no more sideways rack, it will become just a juvenile rack.

We're off to St. Louis next weekend, armed mostly with big racks :) We'll be bringing balls, rosies, and sand boas as well of course. Hope to see our friends over on the Mississippi then. I'm off to bed, hopefully we'll update here in the next few weeks. Until then....


Howdy hey, have a slightly deader week this week which is good. Had to get 45 new sand boas and 13 new BPs all setup in their cages this week. Sound easy but with the labels, pictures, and feedcards, it gets to be a bit tedious. Anyways, on the snake front, we had a litter of 21 het anery sand boas from a first time mom! I also included a picture below of the female stripe Kenyan I'll be holding back. I sure wish I would have produced more of these this year. I had 4 available and they're pretty much spoken for.

Had a so-so weekend in St. Louis last weekend. We got a really late start out of here (thanks to me leaving a cooler and having to turn around an hour from home to head back and pick it up...thankfully the wife met me about half way). We were a bit behind setting up on Sunday morning but were just going to barely cut it when the promoter decided to open the door 15 minutes early with no warning, grrrrrr. I love the people in St. Louis but the promoter could use some grooming. He's usually one of the last people to arrive and one of the first to leave, that's totally unacceptable in my book. We had some major space issues on Saturday and of course he was nowhere to be found. St. Louis is a $65/table venue, not a $20/table like some, you just expect a bit more there. Anyways, thanks to Matt and Stuart for their pre-orders, we hardly moved any other racks except those. I gotta hang with my bud Scott Miller quite a bit on Sunday too which is always awesome, Scott is THE sand boa god in my eyes and he's just so humble about it.

Anyways, in other big news, after 2 years of trying unsuccessfully, I'm happy to say that we finally produced a spider. Had 5 eggs and got A spider but it's a whole lot better than NO spiders. She's a beauty too. For anybody who'd like to, click on the picture below and use it as a desktop background, it looks awesome. Pretty good camera work if I must say so myself :)

That's really about it on our side of the house. We have a few weeks before we head back down to Shelbyville. We'll start working on stocking up for racks to take to Tinley with us next week.

Oh, an update on the animals we have for sale. I'm going to be putting some rosies and other stuff on next week but for now we have (with lowered prices):

Ball Pythons
1.0 Breeder Ghost Ball - $500
1.0 Breeder Pastel Ball - $300
2.0 Breeder 100% Het Pieds - $105/each
1.0 Breeder Het Caramel (plus 2-year old 50% PH female) - $300
0.6 Large Proven females - $.10 a gram, yes 10 cents a gram, have them range from 1500g up to 2800g

Sand Boas
0.1 Anery Kenyan Sand Boa - $100

Alright, until next time....


Had a good double-header weekend in Kentucky last weekend. The shows went pretty well although we didn't sell a SINGLE rack at Morehead. That was a lot of unloading for nothing. We did move out quite a few animals though which made us happy. Here are some pictures of the weekend including Brett and his new friend. To say he's turned into a snake guy would be an understatement. I would turn around and he'd have out this dumeril's or a yearling roughscale male almost the entire show. I love it!

This weekend we're rolling over to St. Louis with the whole gang. Richard, Brett, and myself are all going. The three of us haven't gone on a trip since the Michigan trip last year (and heaven help us that this is better than that!). The customers over at St. Louis have been the best, we try to go there anytime the show is on.

For those that haven't seen, I finally got my shirt idea done and we have them in-hand. I like them to say the least. Jamie Greere and Kendra Kirsch are the proud first models of the new attire and all I have to say is "Yes they are!!!!". Thanks girls!

I still have a few of my breeding stock left to sell if anybody's interested. We've moved quite a bit out over the past 2 weeks but we still have some left:

1.1 Breeder Womas - $1600 or $1800 with 4x2x1 cages

Ball Pythons
1.0 Breeder Ghost Ball - $600
1.0 Breeder Pastel Ball - $400
2.0 Breeder 100% Het Pieds - $125/each
1.0 Breeder Het Caramel (plus 2-year old 50% PH female) - $300
0.2 Large Proven females - $225/each or $400/pair
0.2 Proven females (aggressive, ASF eaters) - $200/each or $375/pair

Sand Boas
0.1 Anery Kenyan Sand Boa - $125

Oh, one last thing, sand boa news. God, how did I forget. For starters, we had a 30-baby litter of anerys a few weeks ago! Yes, THIRTY. That's 4 more than Big Momma ever had and a record as far as I know. After we got that litter all seperated and tucked away, we found probably one of our coolest surprises of the year, we finally produced stripes! Yeah! We got a little shafted on the numbers, we got 5 stripes and 10 normals but I'm still in heaven. I can't wait to do more with them next year.

Okay, I'm off to bed. Kyle's 12th b-day was yesterday and to celebrate, he's having 5 friends spend the night tomorrow. Will be fun but I should have been in bed long ago to prepare for it :) Until next time...


Yeah, 9 days, pretty good for me :) Just had a lot going on and thought I would keep everybody updated. Well, it's started raining rosies FINALLY! We had a litter on Saturday, one on Sunday, and another today. One Mexican litter and two San Felipe litters. I expect several more of the next few weeks. I have at least 4 more girls that are going to go.

It was hatching the last time I made an update but I didn't want to talk too much about it then. We had a clutch of ball pythons hatch a few weeks ago that was just plain FREAKY. It was just a pastel x normal clutch bu something just isn't right. Whatever it is/was, the gene is pretty weak. I had 3 babies die prematurely in the egg and two die post-pipping, including a VERY odd looking pastel (top of right pic). What I got out of it is 1.2 'normals' but I'm keeping every one of them because there's something going on. They all look very odd but the male in particular is VERY weird (bottom of right pic). One of the snakes that died was a very, very odd looking pastel. Needless to say I'm keeping this female girl and doing this breeding again.

FYI, I've had to pull some more shows off the list. I went to make plans for the Ohio shows and come to find out they have ZERO room over there and couldn't accomodate us...what do you do? I'm going to try to squeeze in a Lake County and/or Wheaton run to fill the gap somewhere in September.

I put up a few more snakes for sale today. Here's the entire list if anybody's interested:

1.1 Breeder Womas - $1800 or $2100 with 4x2x1 cages
1.1 Juvenile Womas - $900
1.2 Breeder Dumerils - $600 or $1050 with 4x2x1 cages

Ball Pythons
1.0 Breeder Ghost Ball - $700
1.0 Breeder Spider Ball - $600
1.0 Breeder Pastel Ball - $400
2.0 Breeder 100% Het Pieds - $150/each
1.0 100% Het Ghost (BIG yearling) - $60
1.0 Breeder Het Caramel (plus 2-year old 50% PH female) - $300
0.2 Large Proven females - $250/each
0.2 Proven females (aggressive, ASF eaters) - $225/each

Sand Boas
1.1 Breeder Indian Sand Boas - $350
1.1 Anery Kenyan Sand Boas - $250

Alright, I need to make some feedcards and update the available sand boas, until next time....


Okay, the fastest update I've ever had. Actually, I just had something that I didn't want to get lost in the stuff below. I have had to pull off several shows from my calendar this year for various reasons. Mostly I can't afford to drive 5+ hours to a show where we are expected to do well or where we've gone and not done well in the past, it's just not a risk I can take with gas prices the way they are. Couple that with a slow market and economy and you've got a rough weekend. So, the main page shows the new dates. It looks like we ARE in for Tinley Park if I can finalize (and pay) here this week, which I'm trying to do.

Okay, signing off..again


Oh dear god, where do I start??? This time of year is just bonkers, moreso this year than ones in the past for some reason, we've barely started doing shows, here in a few weeks we do them 2-3 weekends a month. The past month has been a roller coaster ride.

Hmm, okay, first topic...vacation. We took a 5-day trip to Disney World a few weeks back. We've been planning it for a long time, wanted to catch the big one before he was too old not to care and wanted to catch the little one when he was old enough to remember. It was hot, humid, and expensive but that was all expected. The boys weren't...well, they weren't on their best behavior. I felt like I spent most of my day going "Please stop", "I asked you to stop", etc. It got aggravating. We did manage to do all 4 parks and got to do pretty much everything we set out to do. The Soarin' ride at Epcot is awesome and the new Toy Story ride/game at Disney Studios opened just a few weeks before we got there. For anybody that's been an like's the Buzz Lightyear right, this is like that but on's 4D!

So onto the drama...we left for Disney on Friday late morning. On Wednesday evening, our axanthic clutch started pipping so I cut the eggs. We had 6 axanthics and 6 hets, as healthy as can be. On Thursday night when we went over, all 12 of them were out and cruising around but stil in their egg halfway (it literally looked like Medusa's hair, it was funny). So, before we left on Friday morning, we made a trip to the shop JUST to take the babies out that had come out of the egg. Well, NONE were out yet. All sitting there with their heads poked out. I called Richard and he said he'd come down over the weekend and check on them. I put the lid back on the egg chamber about 9:30 that morning. When Richard came over on Sunday around 1PM, we got one of the biggest kicks in the nuts we've ever had, 7 of the babies were dead. Take another lesson from me on this one folks. I have incubated my eggs the same way for 6 years. I used sealed egg chambers and I'll STILL continue to use sealed egg chambers although some people say I'm an 'idiot' for doing so. BUT, what happened with this clutch is that there were TWELVE babies fighting for air in that space. It's quite a large space but with the temps and humidity it is at and 12 babies, the air ran out and smothered 7 of them. Richard had to flush 3 axanthics and 4 hets down the toilet. I know it was on hard him doing it and then having to tell me about it (well, in reverse order, he obviously asked me what I wanted done with the babies). I in no way blame him for any of this mind you, this was just a major lesson learned. From now on, after the babies pip, I'm going to crack the egg chamber just a little bit to get some air in. The good news is that we DID produce 1.2 axanthics (could have used more males, unlike anything else we've produced so far, I had a waiting list for at least 2 males), the bad news is that stung....bad. Not just monetarily but to also know that even with 6 years experience, I'm still learning big things like this...and of course I hate killing animals, makes me sick to my stomach.

Okay, happy thoughts...happy thoughts...on the bright side, we DID produce dumeril's! We tried 3 new species this year: hognose, dumeril's, and the womas. The womas produced but I had NO touch for incubating them, the hognose did very well, and we have one litter of dumeril's and may even get our other girl to go. This was a TOTAL shock. The girl didn't look any bigger than she did when I got her a year ago. The babies are SOOOO pretty, I love their pattern, and 11 of the 12 came right out eating like clockwork.

After some deliberation though, it's the hognose that we're going to keep. I'm selling off the adult and juvenile woma pairs (hint, hint!!!!) as well as the trio of dumeril's here in a few weeks. Here's my price list for anybody that cares:

1.1 Proven Womas - $2000/pair or $2300 with 4x2x1 cages
1.1 Woma Juveniles (aweseme Rare Earth line) - $1000/pair
1.2 Dumeril's - $600/trio or $1050 with 4x2x1 cages

I just can't do the big stuff anymore. It doesn't intimidate me, it's just too much to deal with. It takes me 30 minutes to clean a cage and because of that, they're not getting cleaned as often as they should. Also, in the same space that I have my 5-cage stack, I can house THIRTY adult sands, rosies, and hognose :)

We've also had some more BP clutches laid as well as hatch plus our other two hognose clutches both hatched. We ended up with 28 hognose babies. We lost one (runt) and I let another 4 small ones go to a friend that's good with the hognose (and more importantly, the time and patience to get them started). Most everybody else is eating on their own, we're having to work with just a small handful of them. I REALLY dig them though.

One of the BP clutches we had is the axanthic to a PH axanthic. This is one I got back in from a breeding loan in piss poor shape. She was underweight, had RI, and had several stuck sheds. We gave her some TLC and now (well, before the clutch) she's a 2800g monster. She gave us 5 good eggs and 7 slugs, not a bad attempt for a first timer. I don't have high hopes that she's a het but I'll take some more het axanthics if nothing else.


Oh, and our Het Ghost #2 girl gave us eggs last week. Richard and I put moss in here cage on Thursday and on Saturday we had eggs. She is the ONE proven het ghost girl I have so hopefully we'll be getting some more ghosts!

Speaking of ghosts, I'm doing some early cutbacks if anybody's interested. I've got several males that I've been raising up so some of my current breeders will be up for grabs, in addition to some proven girls (way too many normal girls, overproducing badly). Sorry to make this a flea market post, but here's what I know I have right now:

Proven Spider Male - $700
Proven Ghost Male - $800
Proven Pastel Male - $400
Proven Female (#39) - $225
Proven Female (#46) - $225
Proven Female (HGBP-F-3) - $200
Adult Female (#42) - $200
Het Pied Male - $200
Proven Pastel Female (being stubborn to go back on food) - $1000
Holdback '06 Pastel Female - $1000

If you're interested in anything above, let me know. I can provide pics, weights, etc. All come with feed cards, etc.

Had a show in Evansville two weekends ago. Had a good time and will always come out to promote DJ's show, but it wasn't that good for us. After expenses, I think we made under $100. Better than losing money but I stayed up until at least 12:30 5 nights in a row getting ready for that show. In two weekends we're off to do the Kentucky double-header (Shelbyville and Morehead) then the next weekend we're back to St. Louis. Hopefully that one will be as successful as the last one. Plus we've been doing that one long enough that we've become friends with a lot of the people there and really enjoy doing it (Hey Bob, David, Stuart, Matt, etc!) Maybe this time I'll actually bring all the racks I have pre-sold so I don't look like a horse's butt :)

Oh, we finally got our new shirts made. I'm not going to spoil the surprise, you have to order $500 in racks or come out to a show to see it. They're HILARIOUS!

Lastly, we need to add some more hatchling racks (of both varieties) so we revamped the shop this past weekend. Richard and Mike came over and finished up the racks we needed and Brett came over and helped me move everything. It's VERY nice, I like it a lot. I can now hold 168 sands/rosies/hognose and 84 balls/dumerils, should be enough space for a long, long time. I'll have pics soon.

Alright, that was WAY longer than expected but until I sat down, I just forgot about how insane the past month has been. Hope everybody is doing well and hope to see you soon.


Sorry for not updating sooner, things have been crazy. Been going through a major transition at work that's kept me up until 1AM+ several hours the past 2 weeks and up until this week I've been working on the flood recovery project there. Another note on the personal side, I'm finally an uncle!!!! I'm an only child so I only have Misha's family to provide me with a niece or nephew...or in this case, BOTH! Welcome Brice David and Brenna Rene Conrad!!! I only wish there weren't in Colorado. Anyway...on the snake/business front...

Had a PHENOMENAL show in St. Louis 2 weekends ago. In fact, it was an awesome weekend overall. Brett and I went to the Jack Johnson show on Friday night and had a blast. We spent Saturday finishing up some racks and packing the trailer up (it's been 6 months, we were a bit rusty PLUS we were hauling more racks than we ever have in one trip). Saturday night we went to the casino there like we usually do and both came out ahead, me playing poker and Brett being the 'craps master'. Then had a great show on Sunday. I brought Brutus and one of the supers and they drew a ton of attention. The racks sold incredibly well and we moved a few animals.

This past weekend we spent up in Lafayette for Father's Day since we missed the real Father's Day the weekend before. Had a good time visiting with the family.

Earlier this week we finally hatched out our first hognose babies. I went to check on them (expecting the normal 50-60 days) and there one was just staring at me. We got 8 from the first litter and 5 ate their first meal last night on straight live pinks. Others may take some more work. We have two more clutches still to hatch.

In the ball python news, we got a spider clutch last week (my luck with spiders has been PATHETIC) and a doinking-around clutch earlier this week. It's part of my big ghost project that I've been working on. Also had some babies from a ghost x het ghost breeding. 6 eggs, 0 ghosts...ANOTHER girl I've raised up that proved out NOT to be a ghost. And people wonder why I don't trust most breeders...


Last night one of the axanthic babies pipped so we slit them open, looks like we got an even 6 out of 12. Hopefully some will be out and feel like getting their pictures taken tonight!

Hopefully have some pictures of some black and white babies to share soon. Until then!


Just about ready to pull up the laptop and do some late night work and thought I'd drop a quick blurb.

The storms and flood subsided pretty quickly on Sunday and things got back to 'normal'. There are tons of people that lost their homes just across the road, it's a shame. Most around here don't have flood insurance either. The floods moved south to Columbus where Misha and I work, and did even more damage. It trashed one of my work's buildings. The damage so far is in the MILLIONS of dollars. I was there today and it was horrible. Anyways, we are safe. The shop was safe minus a small power outage.

Spent most of the day on Sunday in there putting finishing touches on racks for the show this coming weekend. Sammy Gregg came down and hung out on Sunday which was awesome. I love shootin' the $hit with Sammy and it was good company. Brett came over for several hours as well. Even had a clutch of eggs waiting on us when I got there on Sunday, which was nice to take my mind off the devastation I had seen just a while earlier driving around.

Anyways, that's it. Looking forward to seeing everybody in St. Louis this coming weekend!


The good news is that it's only been 24 hours since my last update. The bad news is that I'm at home updating the website rather than in the shop where I have a TON of racks waiting my attention. We woke up to quite a ruckus this morning. Our entire town is under a state of emergency due to flooding and we are literally stuck. There is no path from the south side of our town to the north side of our town. I had a friend run over to the shop (Thanks Josh!) to make sure we were in no flood danger over there but unfortunately I can't get there and may not be able to for several days. I've never seen anything like it. We had some water problems anyway from the storms and tornados the past week but overnight we got another 10" and we're expecting more on Monday and Tuesday. Our house is high enough in the addition that we're safe but some homes in the front of the addition aren't so fortunate. We just rode down to the front of the addition and snapped some pictures:

The next few days should be interesting. This is going to get worse before it gets better. Hopefully we can get everything knocked out that we need to before the show weekend next weekend, going to be tight, tight, tight.


Again, a major lack of an update, many apologies. Not sure what's keeping us busier than normal this year, there's not that much. We have the typical baseball season and then rack making on the weekends. We are on the tail end of our largest order of racks ever, about 37 racks. Richard, Mike, and I have been in the shop working on them for over a month. Going to put the finishing touches on a ton of them this weekend in preparation for the start of show season next weekend in St. Louis.

2008 Babies have arrived!!!! We had 5.5 anery Kenyans 2 weeks ago and then our first clutch of ball pythons hatched earlier this week. After so many years of trying, we finally produced not one, but TWO super pastels and out of 4 eggs! Wow, we don't get good odds too often, we'll take it!

I didn't say too much about it for security purposes (leaving a shop empty and the wife and family at home alone tends to worry one enough) but I went to England for 10 days late last month on a business trip. Had a good time and it was a great experience. We got to visit 2 different places while I was there, Richmond Castle and Whitby Abbey, both amazing places. Here in the US, a home that's 100 years old is considered 'historic', they laugh at that. They have buildings standing over there that are older than America itself. Anyway, thanks to Iqbal for being great company while I was over there, he was the other American from my company supporting the project and he and I hung out most of the time. Had it not been for him, it would have been a boring trip. Here are some pics from the trip:

The Clow Beck House (my 'hotel'), Richmond Castle, Whitby Abbey

Alright, going to go spend some family time playing Wii as I know I'll be in the shop most of this weekend. Take care!


Hey hey...I updated the available '07 inventory tonight so thought I'd make a little blurb for those who read.

We just finished our last round of racks. Kyle came in the shop with me today and we were able to put the finishing touches on the 4 that were left then we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. I don't think it's been so clean since we moved in. Won't stay that way for long though, I'll have more plastic on Friday and back to building we go.

I'm up to 4 clutches so far. The woma eggs are doing HORRIBLE. I've already lost 10 out of the 14 and another one looks to be joining them. What they say about these eggs is true, they're tricky. I mixed their hatching substrate substantially drier than I would for ball pythons and it was still too much. I think they may need some circulating air while I use sealed egg chambers for me balls. Hopefully we'll learn next year.

Anyway, I have in the incubator so far:

Clutch #1: Woma eggs, 14 originally, 4 left
Clutch #2: Pastel x Pastel, 4 eggs
Clutch #3: Pastel x High Yellow, 9 eggs
Clutch #4: Ghost x Het Ghost, 6 eggs

I expect a few more this week and then it'll thin out quite a bit. I'm expecting 10 or less clutches this year...ouch.

On the boa side of the house, my male albino Whitewater finally got his groove on and has bred with all 4 of his ladies so hopefully that will work out. I have an albino female, two het females, and a normal female all for him this year. All the other rosies have been doing very well. Sand boas are going pretty good so far, it looks like my Indian is going to go which is cool, that only happens once every 2-3 years.

Alright, I'm beat. I was in Nashville, TN the past 2 days with work and after the shop today the family and I went geocaching. Went 7 for 10. Until next time.


Wow, 2 months. Those were supposed to be our 'dead' months too. The basketball season was absolutely exhausting. We ended up winning the league though, the kids worked really hard. We lost the final tournament, it just wasn't our day. Regardless, I had a good time and the kids taught me a ton.

A long 17 days after the basketball season ended, we had our first baseball practice. First two practices in sub-40-degree weather. That my friends is ridiculous. They really need to move it back a few weeks. Anyways, I'm helping coach the baseball team and it looks like this is going to be a fantastic team. We've got mostly returning kids and then most of the kids that came up from the minor leagues are studs. I've been pretty fortunate as far as teams go. Last year our baseball team won the league, the basketball team did well, and I expect this baseball team to do pretty well.

We just had a nice (but quick) spring vacation. Misha's brother and his wife were in town from Colorado (by the way, for those that don't know, I'm finally going to be an uncle...of TWINS!) so we visited with them for a few days in Lafayette. From there we went up to Gurnee, IL north of Chicago and spent a few days at the Key Lime Cove indoor waterpark up there and shopping at the Gurnee Mills Outlet Mall. We also did some geocaching while we were up there. I think we knocked out 10 finds in one afternoon actually, it was quite productive.

Well, the '08 season has officially started, we had our first clutch today. We got a 14-egg clutch of womas. Woo hoo! This is our first year with them but if we have success in hatching these, I can forsee these being a staple for us. We picked up those, dumerils, and hognose to try this year and I'm not sure how the other two are going to work out. Doesn't it make sense that the one that works out are the $1500 adults and not the $200 adults, grrrr.

Not really sure how everything else is going. The rosys have been breeding pretty well. My male albino Whitewater has a TON of work to do this year (one albino, two het albinos, and a normal) doesn't appear to be doing jack squat but everybody else seems to be doing okay. My male hognose wouldn't breed to save his life so I just got in a backup male and am quickly trying to run him through although I'm afraid it may be a little too late. The balls...well, the verdict is still out. As of right now, I can only feel follicles in about 5 or 6 ball pythons. It appears I've missed on most of my important stuff. My spider to pastel breedings look to have gone kaput for the 2nd year and my pied breeding doesn't look good. We'll just have to see.

I've got a small rant. I'm going to start trying to do more of these, the rants and raves type of things. Not because I like to be dramatic but because I don't have a lot of avenues for venting. I have a small tight-knit group of friends and most don't give two hoots about my rants :) So here goes...within two weeks, we've basically lost two good friends. Both of them did things where they were in the wrong (one was more drastic in the other) but won't apologize. Part of being a friend, and just being an adult, is being mature enough to go "I was wrong, I'm sorry". That's it, that's all it takes. On the reciprocating side, a friend will understand that people will make mistakes and accept the apology. But I'm being a stubborn a$$ and I refuse to apologize for things I didn't do wrong and both of these people need the help 'growing up', it's one of their only character flaws. As much as I value their friendship, I'm not giving in to these. I guess my tight-knit group of friends just became tighter. So there's my vent...people, if somebody means anything to you, do two things. Be mature enough to accept that you did something wrong, and apologize. I apologize all the time to my friends just because I THINK I may have said or done something wrong. When it's clear you did something wrong, be an adult about it.

Anyways, I've got some pics from vacation and some more breeding, etc. but my battery just went belly up so I'll pull those off for the next time. Until then, hope everybody is doing well!


Brief little note. I forgot to mention on the last entry that Richard helped me pull the rosies and hogs out of brumation a few weeks ago. They took their 2nd meal tonight. I've got the ball temps on their way back up. Every pair that I put together has bred, it's out of my hands now...well, not really, but figuratively speaking I can't MAKE the girls take.

I have got the '08 breeding schedule online. You can see it here.

I still owe some breeding pictures. Here are a bunch to give you a fix :)

Axanthic to Het Axanthic; Ghost to Het Ghost; Mojave to Normal

Flame to 'Big Momma', Pastel to Pastel, Pied to Het Pied

Spider to pastel, Spider to pastel, Womas breeding

Alright, gotta hit the sack. Until next time!


Wow, what a long time. I hope everybody had a great Xmas and a happy new year!

I do have excuses as usual for the lack of updates. For starters, I got a new computer 3 weeks ago and just got all the data moved across and Dreamweaver set back up and ready to roll. Second, I am coaching my son's school basketball team. For those that know me, I coach a lot, 2 'seasons' of basketball and 1 season of baseball a year and I've been doing that for almost 4 years. Each of those is usually a night a week for practice and a night a week for games, somewhat manageable. This basketball league is actually competitive (my first time doing so) and it's incredibly time-consuming. We practice 2 nights a week, have a game one night a week, then another game on Saturday afternoon. So our schedule has been booked solid EVERY day for the past month +. It's awesome though, I love it. The team is great and we've made a strong opening season at 4-0.

Breeding season has been going incredibly well...well, hit and miss...we'll have a good week followed by a dud week, but that's still two good weeks a month :) So far, everything has bred at least once or twice, and some have bred 4-5 times. As usual, we have a strict breeding schedule where each female will only get bred with one male. I'll post some pics soon.

Richard and I have been working our tails off in the shop on Thursday nights and all day Sundays. So much for a dead winter, the rack sales are keeping us going strong fortunately. Pets Galore in Louisville, Kentucky is now the one and only reseller of Jason's Jungle rack systems. Tim & Pete down there are outstanding guys and their store is amazing. They have a HUGE reptile room and they truly care about their animals and make sure their customers are well-informed, something I really respect. Anyways, I took a load of racks down there a few weekends ago and all but a few sold so Richard and I have been cranking out more, I think there are 18 in this next round (10 small units and 8 large units). We're really excited about this partnership with Pets Galore, there is such a large reptile base in the Louisville area and Pets Galore seems to be the focal point for them all.

Anyways, that's about it from our side. As I said, I have a ton of breeding pics I'll put up soon as well as some of our other projects (hognose, dumerils, Russian sand boas, etc.). All in due time :) Until then...


Hey all, sorry it's been so long. We ended the year with a bang doing 5 shows in 4 weekends. We have a long break now then we'll be doing the St. Louis show on 12/30/07 then we'll be done until spring.

Rosys and hognose are in cooling, big snakes are cooling and breeding, and ball pythons have been cooled and are starting to get it on. I'll have some pictures of those up soon.

I have a picture of our show in Evansville, our new ghost male (that's the surprise purchase from Tinley), then 'the gang' at Indy (what was to be our last stop...that's Richard, me, and Brett).

We'll update with breeding pictures soon. Hope everybody had a good Turkey Day.


Hope everybody has recovered from Tinley Park weekend. What a madhouse. As the past years, it was a ball python festival. Some cool stuff though. I enjoyed seeing the Cyrstal Balls in person and also the axanthic pinstripe that BHB had. We've yet to see the potential of the axanthics, mainly axanthic pieds (and to think I have the potential for this and I'm not doing it), axanthic clowns, etc.

As most of you know, we didn't have a table. We were on the waiting list for many months but it never came through for we were on the opposite side of the table for once, it was kind of nice. One thing I was amazed about is how many people we knew there and how many of our customers were there. Seemed every 10 steps we ran into somebody. Feels pretty good to know so many of you...but it made for a long day making it around the show HAHAHA! I'll share pictures of our new investment as soon as I get them downloaded.

Show season is winding down but we have a ton of babies left. In case you haven't caught it, here are the deals I'm doing:

'07 100% Het Ghost Pairs - $200
'07 Pastel Pairs - $350
'07 Anery Kenyan Pairs - $100
'07 Het Anery Kenyan Pairs - $75

In addition, I can do some group discounts on the het ghosts and Kenyans. I just produced a few too many Kenyans too late in the year. Had I had some back in June when I started doing shows, it would have been okay.

We also still have our Trim The Fat Sale going on. We have a few animals on there left.

Alright, I'm tired as heck and need to go to bed. Hope everybody is doing well. We'll be in Indy this weekend (oh yes, calendar changed, no PA this weekend, don't have enough racks and plastic won't be here until Thursday), St. Louis the weekend after, Shelbyville the weekend after that, Iowa the weekend after that, then finishing up in Evansville where we started this year. Until next time!


Well, Sammy scolded me for not updating in a month when we have the most going on so here I go...and apologies to all 6 people who read this :)

God, where to start...well, we had our first litter of true Mexicans, 2 babies and a slug. The Mexicans are small snakes and they have small litters, which is partly why the Mexicans are in higher demand (that and because they look cool as heck).

On the rosy subject, we had about the craziest thing happen (and maybe one of the only true 'good luck' things that's ever happened to me). We leant our friend Troy at Reptilian Projects a pretty Whitewater that we own, she almost looks like an anery of sorts. He bred her to his albino Whitewater male (black eye) and produce 5 healthy babies, but two of them were ALBINOS!!!! So this pretty girl was a het and I had NO idea. So not only do I get to keep my portion of the litter (one albino boy and a het female...keeping the female, will sell the male here in a few weeks), but I now get my girl back, now a proven het albino female. Cool stuff, that's one more litter of albinos I can produce next year.

We hatched out our last clutch of pastels for the season. I finally got some girls. I had like 9.4 pastels this year and 6.4 normals. This clutch was 1.4 pastels and 1.2 normals...I like it. Some of the prettiest it appears to. I think my holdback girl is in this group, we'll just have to see which one eats well.

Last bit of cool news...saving the best for more ways than one...the last clutch of balls to hatch...and I FINALLY produced a ghost. This was the FOURTH year I tried breeding this het girl, if she didn't go, I was selling her as a normal and being done with her. She only had 3 good eggs but we got a beautiful ghost male. I know this is smal potatoes but those who know us know how much of a struggle it was to get here. We had our original ghost male die on us 3 years ago then last year the incompatability problems killed finally, with BIG thanks to our pal Tim at Snowballs for lending us a male, we got a ghost.

Mexicans being born; Mexicans and mother; "Surprise" rosy litter

Pastel (Clutch #9) hatching; THE ghost hatching; Clutch #10 babies

We did a show up in Lake County, IL a few weekends ago. The racks did INCREDIBLY well. Other than some pastels that Tom Furr had on his table (Tom, those things were HOT!), we had some of the nicest balls in the place and the only rosies and sand boas...but only sold a pair of normal ball pythons...god I love this business sometimes. Wasn't a total loss though, we met some great people and the racks went over well. I love it when we have people fighting over racks before they even come off the trailer HAHAHA!

This past weekend was the Indy show. Not a bad crowd considering the weather outside was PERFECT. For the first time in..well...ever...I didn't sell a rack there, but we did pretty well with the animals.

This weekend we're off to Morehead, of my favorite shows. This is a pimped out facility and Jarrod and Jamie really know how to run a show and treat their vendors right.

Oh, almost forgot, Trim the Fat Sale 2007 has started. Each year about this time, funds get tight, racks get full, frustation gets high, etc. and I cut back the collection a bit, 'trimming the fat'. Often means perfectly fine animals that may have attitude problems, eat mice, or are finicky eaters. Lots of ball pythons on there, including some of my monser breeders. I always offer these animals to my friends and customers (meaning the 6 of you that read this) first before I advertise publicly. So there you are, check out the Trim the Fat 2007 page and let me know if anything interests you.

Until next time...


What a roller coaster of a weekend. Richard, Brett, and myself spent all weekend at a pair of shows in Michigan; Saturday in Kalamazoo and Sunday in Grand Rapids. These were NOT close, about 5 1/2 hours away to Grand Rapids and about an hour closer for Kalamazoo. Anyways, we did our usual setup, brought it all. We were one of the only people with ball pythons (a RARE occasion anymore and what seemed like a perfect opportunity). We sat there, and sat there, and sat there. I didn't make a SINGLE sale all day on Saturday. No racks, no snakes, not even a thermostat. I had to write the Collion's a friggin' check to pay for my tables. I've never had that happen before. I can't remember the last time we went to a show and didn't sell a rack. Someday soon I'm going to break out into a "Why do people CONTINUE to buy disgusting wild caught animals from gross vendors?". It's becoming the trend. I saw SO many animals move recently that hadn't been out of an 'airport box' more than a few hours. Not for here or now though.

We contemplated on heading home but thought "Really, can it get any worse? If it can, wouldn't it be kind of funny?" so off to GR we went. Smaller show but we actually did better there. We were able to sell 2 snakes there and met some good people (a lot of the same vendors that were present on Saturday). I know there's more to it than money but just doing some rough calculations, I put about $300 in the tank, we spent about $150 on hotels, $95 on tables, and about $100 on food. That's $645 if my calculations are correct. Total receipts for the weekend, $185. OUCH!!!! Not what I needed right now. Richard did mediocre on Saturday but sold a ton of stuff on Sunday, glad one of us did well at least.

Quiet ride back to Indiana on Sunday, got back to the shop to unload the animals and BOOM! Hit with some major good news. First, my favorite anery (a girl I held back and have raised up for 2 years from my prime stock) was having babies as we watched. We saw her with just the 2nd one out. Then after we let her be for a few minutes, we found 4 Arizona chocolate babies and 6 more San Felipe babies. In the end, the anery had 21 babies. For those paying attention, that's two virgin anerys that have produced so far, those are usually 4-8 baby litters...I have 36 so far. I'm just shocked.

Anyways, here are some pics then I'm off to bed. Still have some more updating on the site to do, will hopefully catch some more this week.



Been a busy week but I need to take a second to put some updates in. Had a big weekend last weekend traveling to Shelbyville, KY and then on to St. Louis. Had a pretty decent weekend. We moved an abnormal amount of sand boas and moved only a few racks (odd for those shows). All in all, a good (but long) weekend. The in-laws were in town from Texas and I was gone all weekend, felt pretty bad about that. Had a good visit with them what short time I was able to spend with them.

Been a busy week animal-wise. We had our first boas last Thursday, 15 anerys from an anery Kenyan that couldn't have been much more than 300g, just crazy! This week we had 4 babies from Kyle's Whitewater rosy and then 10 babies from our main San Felipe that we call "The Machine". Still have 2-3 girls yet to go for the rosies and probably 4-5 for the sand boas. I should be crawling with anerys here shortly. In addition, Brutus finally had his very own shed. Wow, what colors he has!

We're off to Michigan this weekend. Two shows I've never done up in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. Brett and Richard are going to help out. Should be a fun weekend.

Here are a bunch of pictures. I may have snuck one in of my new albino Kenyan as well :)

Sorry for the quick update but I need to hit the sack. Until next time!


Thought I'd take a second to write a quick blurb. Had a decent show in Wisconsin last weekend. That was our first time up there. Met some great people. Show was cramped and hot and it was just a long day. Didn't really sell much other than some pre-orders but it was fun nonetheless. We're on the road all of the next 2 weekends, 5 of our 14 shows this year are within 3 weekends, yuck. This is when it gets tricky to hold everything together: keeping racks made, keep the animals taken care of, and trying to hold the family together. Anybody who's been in the situation knows what I'm talking about. We're definitely looking forward to the next few weekends. This coming weekend is familiar, two of our favorite shows in Shelbyville, KY and then to St. Louis, MO. Next weekend is up to Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo for some new shows for us.

No big news, had some more het ghosts hatch out. I'm finally showing a picture of Brutus below, he's the sole axanthic we hatched out this year. He's itty bitty, only about 30 grams at the moment. We're working with him and giving him some extra TLC (which doesn't seem to deter the fact that he wants to kill me every time he sees me). Hopefully we'll have him available within the next month or so. I'll have the first clutch of het ghosts online later this week and will have some with me the next few weekends.

For those taking bets, it's now August and I STILL don't have a single boa on the ground. I've got probably 5 sand boas gravid and 4 rosies gravid...not a single baby. Above is AN-F-8 (Anery Kenyan) and SFRB-F-2 (San Felipe Rosy) both busting at the seams, I'd expect at least one litter this coming week.

Hope everybody is staying out of trouble and hope to catch some of you the next few weekends. Until next time...


Howdy, howdy, howdy. Hope everybody is doing well. We're getting ready to hit the show season hard. We do Wisconsin this weekend (just Misha and I, the boys are staying with the grandparents, this will be a nice change), then Shelbyville 8/11, St. Louis 8/12, Kalamazoo 8/18, and Grand Rapids on 8/19. That'll be our first time doing the Michigan shows, we're looking forward to it.

Anyways, Richard and I have been going gung ho on racks (minus the week we took off to go on and I went to Colorado...I may just post some pics of that). We have 2 of almost every rack ready to go on the trailer and one spare of everything to backfill if we sell.

Had a ton of hatching here the past 10 days and also had 2 late clutches of ball python eggs. STILL no rosy or sand boa babies to speak of although I have gravid girls everywhere. Looks like 5 rosy litters and 5 sand boa litters but we'll just have to see what happens. Not going to count my babies before they...umm, not technically hatch...umm, deliver? :)

Here are some pics of the last 3 hatching and also the two clutches born last week. The middle picture is pretty neat. I had a clutch of 3 eggs from a pastel clutch and 1 egg from a spider clutch in the same egg chamber since they were born a day apart and to save room. One of the pastel babies came out last night and began "nesting" around the egg from the spider clutch. No shock, it's a normal, a TOTAL strikeout on spiders/bumblebees this year, @#$&!:

Hope to see most of you on the road the next few weekends and hope you're all doing well.


Hope everyone is donig well. We have a bit of a break here between baseball season (if anybody cares, the Minor League Reds won the division, quite proud of them!) and show season. We had a pre-season show in Evansville but we kick it in full gear here at the end of this month. Richard and I have been stocking up with the first round of racks. We'll need to have another one of these before the rough October but this should tide us over for a bit.

Still don't have any sand or rosy boas on the ground, it's getting close. It looks like I have 5 Kenyans gravid, 4 rosies gravid, and a roughscale gravid. Not exactly the ideal year I was looking for but not half bad for moving during the middle of our cooldown.

We had our 3rd clutch pip early last week, complete with a spider...unfortunately a stillborn. Grrrr.....

We have 2 clutches pipping right now, our axanthic clutch and our ghost clutch. I have 2 babies out right now in our ghost clutch and they both look normal. I slit eggs and don't see anything unusual but we'll have just have to see. I'm going to be so disappointed if this het doesn't prove out, I've had her for almost 4 years.

Speaking of disappointment, I made my biggest mistaken in herping. It's embarrasing as hell but hopefully it will stop somebody from making the same mistake. I cut my axanthic eggs before they pipped (mistake #1, I have NEVER done this...I always wait until the first one pips then I cut). That by itself wasn't a problem. What was a problem is that I started poking and prodding the babies inside to see what they were (just looking for that first axanthic). This is a really stupid idea by itself but throw in the fact that I did it with my scissors that I use to cut the eggs. Short story long (and using some educational guessing), I poked a hole in their embryonic sac. The embryonic fluid (or egg 'guts' I suppose) seaped in and basically drowned them. I did have one stillborn that I don't think was my fault but I have flushed 3 additional babies down the toilet in the past 5 days. It was one of the most depressing things I've had to do. That clutch was our lifeline this year and I pissed it away. I have 3 babies that appear to have survived, it's hard to tell yet what they are, they haven't made their own way out of the eggs, but they are still alive. Just have to hold tight and cross our fingers, could be a bumpy road ahead. Lesson of the day is to not get over-anxious and to let nature run its course.


Have our 2nd clutch of eggs pipping this evening. I'll try to get pictures posted up soon. Looks like it's 3 pastels and 5 normals, making up for the good odds on the first clutch. It always does seem to even out that way.

Had our season opener show in Evansville this past weekend. My buddy DJ put on a heck of a show. He busted his butt and it showed. To pull almost 800 people into a small town show like that is phenomenal. The crowd (vendors and patrons alike) were all great and we enjoyed being back on the road and seeing some of our friends. Plus, we ended up selling quite a bit of our '06 stock which is awesome, we have to move it to make room for the '07s (that sounds like a cheesy car dealership commercial HAHAHA).

Our setup in Evansville; DJ the promoter and is daugher Sidney, and one of our '07 pastels

I just made up feed cards for the first clutch of babies, most of them took their first meal last week. I'm going to go ahead and put them on the available page this week and start taking orders. None will ship out until they eat 4 times though, that's a JJ rule :)

Alright, I still have to run over to the shop and get a rack boxed up (Thanks Heather!) and check on eggs and babies. Until next time!


Well '07s are officially here. Our first clutch of eggs started pipping on Thursday and were all out today. 10 eggs, 9 hatched. Official count is 4 pastel males, 2 pastel females, 2 normal males, and one normal female. Not a bad start. Here are some pics.

As you might be able to tell, those are a bit better quality than my usual pics. After about a month of investigating, we finally decided to invest in a few camera. After reading review after review and talking to people we knew, we decided on the Nikon D40, a dSLR that has a lot of nice features we like. As you can see, the results are pretty fantastic. It'll be even better after I figure out what I'm doing :)

Richard and I have been going non-stop in the shop since last weekend. We got 19 racks built, sanded, and routed. Next weekend we'll finish off the ones we need for the Evansville show then take our time finishing up the other ones. Kind of looking forward to show season started again, it's been a long hiatus for us.

I'm beat, I'm heading to bed. Hope everybody is doing well and we'll update here more by next week. Ciao.


I gotta get back 'in tune' with updating the page more often. I apologize for those that have been checking it to find a lack of updates. Richard and I busted out that last plastic order and for the past 6 weeks have been building more rodent racks. We have already started breeding mice and we have a holding rack that's almost done now. Should be close to self sufficient here in about 6 weeks (which is good, because that's just about as long as I can afford to keep paying my rodent bill!).

We have 4 clutches of ball python eggs on the ground and about another 4 that are due within the next month. 2 clutches of pastels, one clutch of spiders, and one clutch of axanthics so far with a total of 28 eggs. I'll get some pictures up as soon as I can.

The rosy future looks...well, rosy. Every girl except one (that I gave the year off to) looks like they're swelling so this is good news. I don't think we'll see anything until probably July but it's a good start. The sand boas started off slow, mostly due to my lack of males!

Show season start in 6 weeks, that's friggin' crazy!

I'll update more shortly and include some additional pictures. Until then, take care!



Wow, the time has gone fast. Weeks go like days anymore. Must be a sign of getting old and staying busy.

The facility is done! I'm waiting on my big 1500-watt thermostat from Helix which should be here tomorrow and we need to get a mouse rack done but other than that, it's done and it's great. We got our utility tub installed last Thursday (thanks Chad!) and it's exactly what I wanted.

The rack biz is CRAZY! I usually sell about 8 racks between November and March. I had a dozen racks made up before we started working on the building thinking that'd tide me over. No way! We've gone through one plastic order and are on our SECOND one. I hate to complain about having good business (and we DO thank every one of you, who would have thought our little company would be selling 150 racks a year...not me!) but I hate telling customers they have to wait. That's one thing that makes us different, we're usually ready to ship out the next day. I've been working off of a backlog for about 6 weeks now. At this rate, we'll hit our 2006 sales mark before the show season even begins.

I'm working on a page that shows our facility throughout the progress. Keep in mind folks, this was mainly myself and 2 friends...and none of us are pros or anywhere close to it :) You can see it at facility.html. Below are some pictures.

We also dove into the world of rodent breeding. Almost have to when the weekly bill is at $150 on bad weeks (and that's without feeding babies). We have a rat rack built and plan on doing a mouse rack as well. I gotta say I think we did one fine job! We have our first pregnant rat and it's been less than 2 weeks. Thanks for the hookup on rats Cory!

Alright, gotta give props. My man Richard has been down here with me every friggin' weekend for like 3 months now. He has done absolutely everything from cleaning to building and everywhere in between. We could NOT be where we are at today without him. He even hauled over a big ole freezer the other day for us. We owe you BIG.

We have everybody out of brumation. We lost 1.1 hognose in cooldown this year, I think that was my own fault. And a HUGE kick in the gonads, my albino Whitewater died in cooldown too. I was afraid that would happen, he wasn't looking too good. That was one of my favorite projects. Well, we've got several more rosies going (Arizona chocolates and Mexicans) as well as the remaining 1.3 hognose, so that will hopefully make up for it.

We've been asking about our '07 show lineup. I've got a bunch of stuff writen down but nothing solid yet. I know we'll be doing the Evansville Reptile Show in June and Tinley in October and that's about it :) We plan on hitting the road in late June and we'll stay there until October. We should have several hundred babies to go through this year so we'll be hitting the shows harder than ever.

Alright, I'm going to jump off and go to bed. I hope everybody is doing well!


Darn, winter is finally here. Man, getting wet and COLD!

The end is finally near on the building project. I think if we can work hard this weekend, we should be able for the finishing touches the next weekend and with the exception of rodent racks and installing a big wash basin to clean the tubs out in, we can call it a wrap. We've got the walls and such almost done, just need to cut in and sponge paint. We need to put up the shelving and install the carpet in the incubator after that, put the final details on the hall carpeting, and then just wrap up some loose ends then we're done with the 'inside' part. We then have to focus an entire day on the workshop. Need to clean tools and find new homes for them, move my tools and such from home over there, etc. When that gets to be on your list, that's a good thing. Anyways, it's been VERY nice having the family over there helping me, it's an entire different lifestyle and we're all enjoying it.

It was a slow start but breeding season is still going strong. I have 2 lockups at any given time over there. Below is a sample of what's been going down at the love shack the past couple of weeks:

VPI Axanthic & 100% Het Female, Ghost and 100% Het Female, Spider & Pastel Female

Het Caramel & 50% PH Female, Spider & Female, Pastel & Female

Sorry for the brag, just real happy with the breeding. Nothing's for sure until heads are coming out of the eggs, but this at least gives us some potential.

Until next time, hope everybody stays safe.


Sory I haven't updated in so long, pretty much every waking hour is being spent over at the building and has been for about 13 weeks now. We finally got the animals moved in the week after Xmas (thanks to the crew that helped me load 100+ snakes, 10 racks, 2 incubators, and a TON of other supplies!) and the two snake rooms are complete (for all practical purposes anyway). We're still working on the other rooms a bit at a time, I think we're all a bit burned out. We did have the inaugural feeding over at the building this week and it was really nice. The family came over on Monday and helped me clean everybody then they all came over for feeding. I'd say within 6-8 weeks we should be totally done and hopefully by then up and running with our rodent production (one of the major driving factors for us to do this). I have a ton of pictures saved on different machines, I'll try to post soon.

I hope everybody had a great Xmas and New Years. Hope Santa was good to everybody and everybody had a great and safe New Year's celebration. We spent several days up in Lafayette with family. Misha's younger brother and his wife were in town from Colorado. They're awesome people, it just sucks we don't get to see them but once or twice a year now that they have moved but we had a great time hanging with them.We went up to Shedd's aquarium in Chicago the day after Xmas. That was great as always. They have a HUGE reptile exhibit going on now, showcasing their CB Komodo dragon which was VERY cool.

Breeding season for the balls started slowly but the past week has been incredible. I think it may have to do with them being moved and having to sit out a night while the rack temperatures were 'tweaked'. No complaints though, the males are going like hotcakes. Spider has bred 3 girls (including a female pastel!), my pastel girls have conquered 4 girls, the het caramel male and PH female have been locked up like crazy, and the axanthic finally locked up with the big het female. Looking decent but we won't know for a while how things are truly going to go.

Well, I'm out. Think I may go catch a quick nap then head back up to the building. So far this weekend we've built a big shelving unit for rack storage, we've painted the doors on the two snake rooms, put tile down in the bathroom (not on the list but the concrete floor was driving Misha crazy I think), and got the incubator prepped for trim painting. Plan on going back and doing the same to the rodent room then we can knock the rest out in one swoop.

Take care everybody!


Big breath, it's almost over. We went 4 out of 6 weekends on the road all the while trying to get our new facility done. We're wrapping up this weekend in Morehead, KY and we'll be done for the year. What I don't sell off then I'll wholesale out or keep until next year.

We had a great time at the Indy Reptile Expo, hope everybody made it out. Logistics there were an absolute nightmare but the show ran well. A bit scared on Saturday when we had only sold a rack and 2 snakes but Sunday was a GOOD day. Got to meet a ton of people and we sold a ton of racks and snakes. That show wasn't cheap so paying the bills certainly helped. It also saw us move about 14 animals which is incredible for us. I now actually have a manageable amount of heads to feed :)

Facility is still going up. We got about 3/4 of the way done then I decided I wanted a design change. In the end, it's a wise decision. You can kind of see it from the pictures below. The first picture is where we were at after 2 days, must've been 8 weeks ago now. The 2nd picture is where we were at 2 weekends ago RIGHT before we decide to make the major alterations. As you can see from the picture, we've now added another wall making a long hallway. The 4 doors on the right are a 12x8 rodent room, a 5x8 walk-in incubator, a 10x8 quarantine room and hopefully a tub washing room if I can find a utility sink big enough, then the regular bathroom. The big room in the bag left is broken out into two separate breeding rooms and a supply closet. The entire top of everything is covered in 3/4" tongue-and-groove plywood and is as sturdy as a rock. We'll be using that area up there to store our Sterile tubs, shipping boxes, and lots of personal junk as well. The rest of the area there is all workshop space. I'll build and store the racks in that area, about 18x20 or so. I could always store upstairs too if I felt like breaking my back getting them up there.

We've actually come a long way since this picture. The wall down the middle is complete with a window and a door. All the insulation is up (walls and ceilings...took 6 hours on Saturday alone to put up all the ceiling insulation), all the walls are boarded, just need to hang some ceilings....Anyways, this is what we've been working on with the limited amount of time we have. Our friend Brett has been over there any time we need him and we certainly couldn't have done 1/2 this without him. Also got some time in from Stephen and Michael who tore through the stairs like it was no tomorrow. In addition Richard has put quite a bit of time in (the insulation guru) as well as Joe and Josh. Thanks guys...only a few more weeks until I quit bugging you!

Well, hope to catch some of you at Morehead here this weekend. If not, keep in touch and we'll see you in the spring. We're getting a late jump on breeding season due to wanting to time the cool down with the move. I'll still keep this updated and stuff throughout the winter. Until next time!


Hello all, hope everyone is doing well. Still been chaotic around here but hopefully only for another 4 weeks or so. We just got back from the Tinley Park show on Sunday evening (well, thanks to traffic, Monday morning). Although we've tried the past 2 years, this was our first year being a vendor. Had a scare on Saturday morning when we arrived to find our spot taken by another vendor and no free tables. The coordinators slapped us together something and it worked, fortunately it was a great location. We got to meet several of our good customers for the first time face-to-face and of course catch up on customers we've seen before as well as make a few new ones. The racks did really well. Kinda got dealt a blow when a big order backed out on us so we were telling customers all morning Saturday "It's sold, it's sold, it's sold" and then on Saturday afternoon they finally fessed up that they were backing out. Fortunately we were then able to move some and only came home with 4 out of 12 racks and I never would have expected 2 of them to sell. We unveiled the new 28-slot hatchling rack on Saturday morning with great reviews. I REALLY like it. I gotta give props to my boy Gib for helping me out all weekend long. The guy actually owns more JJ racks then I do, it was only right for him to pitch them for me. He did really well. Wish I could pull him to more shows with me.

We did sneak in one more litter this year, although it wasn't a great one. Our high-white anery Kenyan dropped 3 babies but 4 stillborns and 8 slugs...and it looks like she may have retained a few. If she doesn't pass them soon, she'll have to go in for surgery...which may kick her out of the breeding program...that sucks, she's one of my favorites.

Big news that I haven't shared with much of anybody except those really close to us is that we're moving into a new facility. Been working our tails off for the past 5 weeks and will probably continue to do so for the next 5-6 just in time to get them settled in and cooling season to begin. It has everything we've wanted (well, it will when we're done building it) including two large breeding rooms, a walk-in incubator, a rodent room, and plenty of room to build and store racks. Look for pictures soon.

That's it for now. Hope to catch some of you at the St. Louis show this coming weekend or at the big Indy show November 4th and 5th. Until then!


Didn't realize it had been so long since I updated. Been pretty chaotic around here. Still have babies running out our ears. Think we're actually done for this year, had about 80 sands and rosies combined...nothing like the 'big boys' but enough to keep us busy. Started our little crazy schedule of shows a few weekends ago. I have the last weekend in September off but it's my annual golf trip (i.e. great guy's weekend) and that's about it until the end of November. That's a lot of babies to move out in a short time...hope we can do it.

Also have a round of racks being built to try to meet the demand of the upcoming shows. I'll be unveiling my new 28-slot hatchling rack at Tinley Park. I'm ixnaying my 48-slot, just too darn big and bulky. I can easily carry this one around plus it's 6' tall just like my other towers.

Still need to get the last two litters of rosies online here shortly (gotta get their pictures and everything first, that's the holdup). I'll have that done by Tinley Park as well and will have them there with me.

Alright, I'm tired as heck. Hitting the sack. Hope to see everyone in the following weeks.


Been a rough few weeks. I was plagued by computer problems so backed up my data and started from scratch. It took several nights being up until 1:30 until I got it all done. Got it up on Friday night, printed stuff out for the Sunday show on Saturday afternoon and while we were gone on Sunday, we had a lightning storm and not only blew out the computer totally (gone, dead, see ya), it got my network gear as well so I've been without Internet for a few days. Got everything replaced and I've temporarily stolen Kyle's computer :)

Well, had our last rosy litter drop early last week. For those that are counting, that's EVERY single girl we have. 2 San Felipe litters, 1 Whitewater litter, and 2 100% het albino Whitewater litters. We're tickled pink. We just got an Arizona chocalate trio of rosies, female needs some major fattening up and we need to decide which male to let go but they're pretty cool. Also looking at a breeding pair of albino rosies so we'd be able to produce albinos next year as well as hets.

Rosy Litter #5Rosy Litter #5

Also, big news...Big Momma dropped! Not the record we were hoping for but she had potential. She had 24 babies, 2 stillborns (they could fit on a dime!), and 6 that was 32 potential babies. Quite happy with what we have though. Man that's a buttload of babies! It was their first week eating this week and I can already feel the dent in the pocketbook :) I'll have them online within the next week (don't have any of the sands or rosies be coming soon).

Sand Boa Litter #3

We're heading to Shelbyville, KY (just east of Louisville) for a show this weekend then in 2 weeks we'll be at the new Eastern Kentucky show in Morehead, sounds like the new place is pimpin', a brand new expo center there. Hope to catch up with some of you then! Until next time.


Finally have some Kenyans on the, what an odd's always the same...right after the last ball pythons hatch, here come the sand boas...almost as soon as they're done, here come the rosies...well, I had 4 rosy litters before I got my first Kenyan litter. Still have Big Momma and two anery litters we're waiting on. So, needless to say, we've had several litters that we haven't gotten updated. They are below. First is the 2nd litter of San Felipes. The mother of these was in horrific shape last year and I wasn't sure if she was going to come around but she did, in a big way. Second is our original rosy (named 'Rosy' original) who bred our albino Whitewater male so these will all be 100% het albinos (and we should have another litter of the same). Lastly is the first Kenyan litter of the year. I only bred anery males this year so I'll only produce het anery and anery babies.

Been working on some 8x5 postcards to have for the upcoming shows, almost have it finalized. Thank goodness I have my friend Troy in Illinois, he's a genius with this stuff and sets me on the right path all the time.

Well, cutting out and going to spend some time with the boys. Take care everyone.


Had another litter of rosy boas on Monday, this one our first litter of Whitewaters. This is a pretty exciting litter because this was 'Kyle's snake'. When we bought our original trio of rosies 3+ years ago, it came with a baby that was about 4 weeks old. We've raised it up since then and she's the one that gave birth. 5 babies to a mom that was less than 500g and she still looks good. She was the only girl to breed my normal Whitewater male, all of my other females bred the albino and will be 100% het.

Not much happening other than that, just waiting for some sand boas to drop so we can start hitting the show circuit hard. Have quite a schedule layed out for the next 3 months including NARBC at Tinley Park in October than a few weeks later at the big Indy show.

Hope everyone is doing well...until next time.


Wouldn't you know it, we go out of town this week on vacation and all of the excitement starts...we had a litter of ten, yes...TEN...San Felipe rosy babies. I have never heard of such a large litter. Mom still looks great too, couldn't tell she just laid an entire baseball team's worth of babies. I'll have some pictures up soon.

The pastels and Indians are ready to go, just need to get their pictures online, look for that soon.

Hope everybody is doing well, we'll post more soon!


Just spent about 3 hours on the website. If something's out of place, please yell. Got some updated pictures online though, went picture crazy last week.

I also have a Trim The Fat sale page up. Getting rid of a few projects and some other things. Check it out and let me know if you're interested. I'll leave it open to my own customer for a few weeks before I advertise.

Lost one of my new Indians yesterday. Just randomly died and it wasn't the runt. Here's a picture I got of it and the big one the night before:

Well, I'm ready to retire to bed, it's been a long one. Take care all.


We have had good 5 or 6 days here and expect it to keep getting better. A nice twist to keep our mind off of last week, although we all wish Steve was here to see it with us, he loved to see babies hatching.

First, I produced Indian sand boa babies for the first time! Man, what sight these things are. They're incredibly pretty (especially when you look at their parents that are basically dark brown all over...the 'turd snakes' as my kids and I call them) and they're HUGE. No wonder they only have a few. She had three, one at 40g, one at 46g, and one at 48g. That's over 4x the size of a baby Kenyan.

And more good news, we finally produced pastels. It's been a long humbling ride, but after years of trying we finally did it. Ball python gods were watching out for us too, we have 7 pastels and 3 normals. So far we have 1.2 pastels and 1.1 normals, the rest should be coming out of their eggs today.

Well, that's it for now. Have the Indy show this coming weekend, hope to see some of you there. We're then taking two weeks off then plan to hit the show circuit hard after that. Take care!


Got hit with a tragedy this week. Steve Scott, a good friend of ours (and to snakes everywhere) passed away this week. Steve was one of the main reasons I got into rack building and then back into ball pythons. My very first 'project' was to help him re-do his basement from 10-gallon tanks to rack systems. Since then he's been a confidant and has always been willing to lend us a hand whenever we need it. Anyone from the area will recognize Steve as he's been coming to the Indy show for years. A historic picture of our first rack way back 4 years ago is below.

RIP Steve, you'll always be in our thoughts and prayers. I miss you buddy.


Got finished doing the Indy show yesterday. Not a real good start to the 'die-hard' show season but it'll get better. We're still waiting on rosies and sand boas to drop so until then we just have a table with a few ball pythons on it..and it's hard to compete with the 'big dogs' and the people carrying $10 imports. Did move a few racks though which is good.

Didn't stop us from spending our life savings though. Misha and I have both been dying for a piebald for some time now and Terry Heuring had one there yesterday that was to die for. We have a 100% het male that came from Gateway City Reptiles that will be more than ready to go next year so this girl is a perfect fit. I'm a proud papa, I took about 40 pictures today...not so unusual for me to do that but usually I whittle it down to 1 or 2...couldn't pare it down to anything less than 10 :) Here are a few.

I've updated our main page a bit to show some show dates so everybody can see when we'll be in your area.

Well, it's almost 11PM and I have to run to storage to pick up a rack. I'm outta here. Until next time...


Hope everybody had a great holiday. We had a great time down in Louisville. Quite a roller coaster week or so for us. We had our largest girl (4000g+) give us a clutch of 8 slugs (5 slugs laid before the rest of the eggs) and 2 'good' eggs. Those eggs have since gone bad and had to be tossed :(

On the plus side, our 2nd largest girl (right under 4000g) give us an enormous clutch of 10 good eggs and 1 slug. Even after 1225g worth of babies, she still weighs in at 2685g or something like that. Crazy stuff. Anyways, she was bred to or pastel, so that should be a fun litter to hatch out. Here are some pictures of both clutches. The picture of the 2 eggs was taken just a day after they were born and you can tell they've already gone south.

Not much going on other than that. Finally got the last round of racks wrapped up...just in time to put in another order, never-ending cycle. Still waiting to see some rosy or sand guess is that we'll see them within 3-4 weeks from now. Big Momma dropped on 6/25/06 last year and around the same time the year before that so I'm guessing she'll go here pretty soon. The rest of the sand boas and rosy boas shouldn't be too far along after that.

Well, winding down for the night. I just put the 3rd clutch of ball pythons on the Available page. Check out M05...he's the runt. His brothers and sister weigh about 70g, he weighs 39g.

Until next time...


Hey all. I have the first two clutches of babies online in the Available section. I won't be letting anything go until they get a few more meals into them but I'm taking reservations.

Just got some breeding pictures uploaded as well. Actually haven't seen a ton of breeding the past few weeks, I think everybody that's going to go is all ready. Looks like a litter of roughscales, a litter or two of Indians, a few litters of het anery Kenyans (including Big Momma...going for a record this year), at least one litter of anery Kenyans, one litter of het albino Whitewaters, one litter or normal Whitewaters, and a litter of San Felipes. Looks like a lot of potential in the rosy/sand boa arena...which will hopefully make up for my lack of great luck in the ball python arena. Here are a few of the pictures:

Other than that, just finishing up the last round of racks and hopefully taking a trip down to Louisville on Sunday and Monday and hanging out with our friends Chris and Amy as well as dropping off some racks to our buddy Will who's hatching out more stuff than he can keep up with.

Until next time, take care.


It has been WAY too long. Work has been a bear recently and between that, baseball, keeping up with the snakes...I have a new poker <drool, drool>. I've been playing Hold 'Em for several years now (before it was on TV at any hour of the day) and truly love it. I was content with playing most Friday nights with the guys. But now I've found online and I can play some read before they go to bed, I play poker :)

Anyway, LOTS to talk about. First, Kenyan and rosy breeding is going VERY well. It looks like every one of my rosies has taken. I bred the new albino Whitewater to two females and then bred the normal male to one female. The new albino is quite a stud, a great investment if I get some babies.

STILL finishing up that last run of racks. Just about done. Have several big orders going out, just haven't been able to find time to finish them up and deliver them.

Well, to the most recent news...and the news I shouldn't have skipped over the past month. I have BABIES!!!! All 3 of my ball python cluthces have hatched (last clutch just today). The good news is that we had 100% hatch rate. I even had two eggs that were windowed and went moldy about halfway through. I never would have expected anything out of those two but sure enough, they were the first babies to pip in both clutches! Not sure if you can see the baby in Clutch #3 to the right below. It's SOOO small, probably 45g compared to it's siblings at around 80g.

Now the bad news...this kicked me in the balls so hard that I'm still carrying ice packs with me...I bred my yellow ghost (this isn't a 'questionable' ghost, he's a true yellow ghost) to TWO 100% het female ghosts, both from large/trusted names...I got ZERO....ZILCH....NADA as far as ghosts. I was okay with missing the odds on the first clutch (although we did get 1.3) but SIX eggs in the second clutch and not one ghost! IBGD! So we have an absolute buttload of 100% he ghosts, 4.7 right now with 3 more coming out of the egg soon. The first 4 shed the past few days and every one ate tonight, a really great start to say the least.

We'll be in Indy this weekend for the Midwest Reptile Show. If anybody is heading that way please stop by and say hello. Until next time!


Howdy hey everybody. FINALLY it's spring. 80 degrees outside today, awesome.

In the middle of my largest run of racks ever. $3900 worth of plastic alone. It's 11 oversize (6' tall) racks and then 14 regular ones. Crazy stuff. Spring break and busy weekends have reaked a bit of havoc on making quick work of them but we're getting there.

I promised some pictures of the new albino Whitewater and pastel female so here they are. No other big news other than it looks like a few of our huge ball python girls may have taken after all. I have one in shed now and two more that I swear were ovulating 2 weeks ago so we'll see.

Hope everyone is doing okay and we'll catch you in Indy in a few weeks!


Well, had our 3rd clutch on Friday. This was from another virgin girl bred to the ghost. That guy has been a stud! This girl was at about 2400g and even after laying is still above 1800g so assuming she starts eating, she'll be primed and ready for next year. In pusre hasteness and excitedness, I took her off the eggs, got the eggs in the chamber, and the chamber into the incubator...then I realized I forgot to take picture! So I pulled the eggs back out and snapped some pictures but I don't have any of the mother on them.

Invested in some animals the past few weeks. We got a breedable albino Whitewater rosy boa and a female pastel ball python that will be ready to go next year (can you say BumbleBee maker?). I'll have both of those photographed and online here shortly.

Well, until next time...


I knew it wasn't going to be a while but I thought it'd be another day or two. The 2nd clutch of eggs is here. I'm quite proud of this one. The mom is 100% het ghost that came to me as a 'finicky eater'. What I got was a 3-year old snake (with full paperwork) that weight 590g. She was RAIL thin. She took to our setup very well and within a week was chowing down. She got up to about 1400g before breeding season. At last weigh-in before tonight, she was 1280g. Tonight she was 780g. Yup, 500g worth of eggs. 6 nice big healthy ones (not to bad for a virgin that was less than 600g 9 months ago). She was bred to my ghost as well so in 3 days that's 10 eggs from ghost to het ghost. I'm excited to say the least. Can't wait to cut those eggs open! Here are some pictures from tonight:


Hmmm, where to start. Well, the best news is that 2 days ago we got our first clutch of the season, from our ghost male to our #1 het ghost female (think we have at least one more het ghost going to go as well...we SHOULD produce some ghosts this year darnit...if not we'll be stocked on hets). She had 3 good eggs, 1 windowed egg that at least candled good, and then 1 slug. Here are some pics:

So not a bad start. Just hope that's not it :)

We've commited to doing the Indy Reptile Expo in November, it's going to be a big show, along the lines of the NARBC show in Tinely Park. Lots of tables, lots of good vendors, etc. Indianapolis has never had anything this big before. It's being run by Brian Hahn who puts on the Midwest Reptile Show. Brian knows how to run a show that's for sure. Check out the site and make your reservations (for tables or hotels) and come to the show! Should be a good time.

Speaking of shows, Midwest Reptile Show is a week early this month, it's this comig Sunday. If you're in the Indiana area, come.

Just got done with a BIG round of racks and have half of them spoken for already, time to order plastic before I even get these out of the garage! Season started with a bang this year. Keeping John and I busy for sure.

Well, guess that's about it for now. Should be getting several more clutches of ball pythons here in the next 3 weeks. I'll update as I can. Until then, take care!


What a slacka$$ I am...almost 2 months??? C'mon, I can do better than that :) This one's for you Austin..since you're the only one to notice what kind of slacker I've been :)

It's been D-E-A-D around here until a few weeks ago. Rack sales are booming already. I sold 3 in 2 months and I've sold 6 in less than 2 weeks, that's how much of a turnaround there's been. Thanks all! We're going to be getting things in full force here soon.

Well, I finally have some pastel breeding, YEAH! Hopefully it wasn't too late. Now folks, when looking at the picture below, keep in mind that the pastel is over 1100g and notice how he's dwarfed by that female...she's a little over 3800g!!!! Yup, she's a horse. I guess the pastel likes the ladies with some junk in their trunk HAHAHA!

The ghost continued his streak and ran through all 3 het ghost females 3-4 times PLUS tackled two normal females. See, it's not me, it's just my choice of pastels! Here are some pictures of the ghost in action:

That's about it for now. I have some females getting ready to go into (what appears to be) pre-lay sheds, so hopefully here in 70-80 days we'll have some good news to post.

We're still undecided about the Indy show this month. I was going to take 3 months off, but with business picking up so soon already, I'd be a fool not to go. We'll decide when the time comes. Take care all!


Just a few quick breeding updated. My perfect streak for picking gay pastels is still alive. I have a 1200g male and a 1050g male (both early '04s) trying to breed now and they have no interest. Please, ball python gods, don't let me go pastel-less AGAIN this year!

The ghost on the other hand is proving to be quite the stud. He's 3 for 3 on the het ghost females. Probably going to throw a normal at him as soon as he's done with those 3 again. Here are some pictures of him and het ghost females #2 and #3.

Finally have some racks sales happening. It's been a quiet 4 weeks or so. 'Tis the season though, it happens every year.

That's about it from our side. We'll be doing the Midwest Reptile Show in Indianapolis the Sunday after Thanksgiving (guess that's next Sunday) then we'll be calling it quits for a few months. Hope to see you all there. Until then...


Howdy hey all! Been dog slow around here the past few weeks. I think I've shipped one or two racks out in just under a month. In peak season, we do 2-4 a week. Very little sales too but that's pretty usual for this time of year.

We started cooling our temps off about 3 weeks ago and finally got to our desired breeding temps last week so we put some animals together. The results are positive. The pastel still hasn't locked up but the ghost and the het caramel are already going to town. Here's a picture of them...yup, it's the that time of year for SNAKE PORN! :)

That's about it around here, as I said, it's been pretty dead. Haven't had a rack-building weekend in about 6 weeks, but that's a good thing sometimes.

Take care everybody!


Long time no write...hope everybody is doing well. Everybody gearing up for the next breeding season? We still have some rosies to sell and still have our adult breeder Saharan and Indian sand boas to sell but other than that we're done with '05. Females are probably about ready to stop eating here shortly and then it'll be time to cool.

Tinley Park show was last weekend...we had to sit and talk long and hard about it but we decided to invest in some animals. We did pretty well selling off some of our normal girls and the albino project and we have no intentions of quitting so we decided to invest in some new projects. Here's a picture of our new purchases:

That is a normal female on the left, a VPI axanthic male in the middle, and a spider male on the right. We love them all!

Okay, done bragging now...I don't like to do that much but I'm pretty proud of these :)

I'm out for now. We just got back from our yearly golf trip and I'm absolutely beat. We'll be at Indy next weekend, hope to see you there!


Howdy all...nothing too exciting going on here. The 'cutbacks' have gone quite well. We sold all of our normal female balls (not all, just the ones we were trying to sell, that leaves us at least 8), found a buyer for the albino project that I'm quite sure will treat the project as well (if not better) than I have and enjoy it, plus it looks like we have a buyer for our female roughscales which is cool, they won't be disappointed.

In the process of a rack-building session. With plastic prices still going up, we got enough plastic for about 12 racks to have on-hand to hopefully tide up over for a month or so.

Other than that, I have the Whitewater rosies online in the Available section. Think we're done for this year. I had hoped for one more clutch of ball python eggs and one litter of roughscales, just doesn't look like it's going to happen. Better luck next year.

Hope everyone is doing well and hopefully we'll talk soon.


Just finishing up a LONG day. Had the Midwest Breeder's Show in Indy today. The show went fan-friggin-tastic. That's the most animals (10) that we've ever moved at show. They were all $40-$75 Kenyans so we're not exactly talking retirement but we did get to sell to some first-timers and some return customers alike, all-in-all a good time...except that I'm tired as heck. Just updated the Available page with all of the things that, those 51 sand boas sure didn't last long....

Just wanted to thank everybody for coming out today. Also wanted to mention that I put some of my roughscale, Indian, and Saharan breeding stock up for sale if anybody's interested. You can see all of the details on my The Big Sale page.

Thanks all and take care until next time...


Hey all, just a quick blurb or two then I'm going to hit the sack from a long weekend.

ROSIES! ROSIES! ROSIES! I had another litter of them this morning, these being Whitewaters so I got my litter of each (one San Felipe litter and one Whitewater litter) that I was hoping for. This girl was a virgin and gave me 7 healthy babies and no slugs. REALLY glad I waited that extra year on her; she could have gone last year but I decided to be better safe than sorry. Here are some pictures (thanks to Julie for doing all of the work so I didn't have to drive 30 minutes bright and early this morning!):

Along the same rosy topic, I have the San Felipes online on the Available page now. 5 of the 7 took their first meal this past Thursday so once they get a few more meals in them, they'll be ready to go. In the meantime, I can take deposits on some if you'd like to hold them.

Looking forward to the Indy show on Sunday, think we're going to take some of our breeders with us, at least the pastel and albino ball pythons plus I'll probably bring Big Momma and one or two more. Hope to see you all then!


We survived St. Louis. What a great show! We moved more animals there than we ever have. We only sold 6-7 but that's a lot for us. Moved a few racks too. The folks over there are super nice. Only gripe is that $60 for a table is pretty step for a show like that. Fortunately we did have a good day and were able to pay for the trip over there. With the storm we had on the way there and back and the van really not liking the trailer anyway, we were averaging about 11 mpg! That was about $130 in gas just to St. Louis and back. Without the trailer, I could have made it each way on a tank.

Looking forward to the Breeder's show in Indy on the 28th. That's always a good show and Brian treats the vendors right that day because the table fees are increased.

I have some good news, some bad news...and then more bad news...

The good news is that I finally managed to get the rack page updated with some new pictures and finally got some of my other racks online...only about a year in the making :)

First tidbit of bad'll see on the page...I had to increase my rack prices. I have managed to keep them the same for 3 years and went through a couple of price hikes on the plastic without worrying about it. However, my plastic just went up $12/sheet and the tubs themselves have gone up (don't think about it much, but most plastic is made from petroleum...price of gas goes up, so does plastic), not to mention the cost of delivery and us traveling to shows. I raised them up $25 which is just about a wash with the new prices included. Sorry I had to do that.

Second tidbit of bad news is more severe...worse than anything I've had to put on here before. We're cutting back our breeding stock. There are many reason why, most of which are on the page. Please see The Big Sale page for all of the details. It looks like a lot but we're keeping at least twice as many as we're selling so we're not going anywhere, just having to regroup after some bad investing and a pretty pathetic year in general. I am not advertising the snakes for another week or so to give my customers (meaning the 4 or 5 people that actually read this page HAHAHA) first dibs on anything on there. After that I'll post them up on Kingsnake and will sell to the public.

We hope to catch all of you on the 28th at the Breeder's Show in Indy. If you're within driving distance you need to be there. Bar none the best show in the Midwest aside from Tinley Park.


Hello all! We made it through the 'end of the month' rush last month doing the Indy show and Fort Wayne show on consecutive weekends...just had enough time to recover to do it again. We have the St. Louis Reptile Expo next weekend (which means it's building weekend this weekend for SURE) and then the Midwest Reptile Show's Breeder Show in Indy the next weekend. Should be fun!

Well, we have our possible het pieds online now. All but 1 took their first meal tonight. There were 4.3 of them total. We'll hold them for any interested buyers until they get a few more meals in them. Just had the time last night to take some pictures so went ahead and got them on here. I never did update with the pictures of the babies so here are a few:

Exciting news, we got our first rosy clutch today...WHILE I was feeding snakes. When I got there she has just laid her 2nd and I got to watch her off and on lay her 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th! 7 good healthy babies and one slug. I actually have some video of it too, just working on getting it transferred over to the site. For now, here are some pictures:

I'll update some more next week but that's it for now. Hope everyone is doing well and staying cool!


Geez, I now know what hell is...I just finished photographing and editing the pictures of all 26 of Big Momma's babies. Getting 'worms' to sit still is not easy then going through and keeping them all straight is a chore too. It's done finally and they're all on the Available page.

Our 100% het yellow ghost babies (just 1.2) of them are also on there now.

We have possible het pied babies hatching right now, I'll add pictures next week. For right now (knock on wood hoping that's not all), that's all of the clutches cooking in the incubator. I still think I have a few more coming but my girls are just driving me insane trying to figure out what's going on so if we get eggs, we get them. :)

John and I are making racks as we speak (well, John's making them right now and I'm in here on the computer right now) as well as trying to get the feed cards made for all of these babies. We're out of 18-slot hatchling racks and 5-slot sideways racks and we have shows next weekend and the weekend after so the push is on to get some knocked out.

That's it for now. Hope everyone is doing well!


Big sand boa news...Big Momma dropped this morning. She's been looking miserable with a capital M. For those that don't know, she's our 'signature' snake, I've had her for almost 12 years and she's produced 11 of those years. She's a staple when we do hands-on events, she's just dog tame and so lovable. She was just a few shy of breaking the record for most offspring from a Kenyan (or at least as far as I know of). She had 26 healthy babies, 0 stillborn, and 0 slugs found. I've always bred her to N-M-1 but he passed away this past year (he was about 12 years old, it'll happen) so I bred her to AN-M-2, an anery male. So not only did they throw a lot of beautiful, healthy babies...but they're all also 100% het anery. Here is a picture of them breeding, mother with some of her babies (as we found them), then one of just a buttload of babies :)

I have all of the anerys catalogued and photographed (wow, THAT was not an easy chore), probably put them online tonight although they technically won't be available for a few more weeks. We're also putting up our 2nd clutch of possible het caramel albino balls up for sale. It was the 11 egg (9 bad) clutch from my huge 3500g girl. It resulted in 0.2 50% possible het caramels and we thought we would keep them but we've changed our mind.

That's it for me. Take care!


Hope everybody is doing well. We're getting ready for a big weekend. Taking off to Fort Wayne tonight and doing that show tomorrow. Should get back in around 9PM tomorrow night, going to bed, restocking, then doing it all over on Sunday for the Indy show. I'm still very short on animals to see but hopefully here soon things will get better. You'll see why in a minute :)

See the last entry where I said AN-F-5 was 'close'. Well, she popped the next day! 15 healthy little anery babies. For those that don't know, I regard AN-F-5 as one of the prettiest anerys in the country and her babies are INSANE! They are black and white from the first shed, none of the gray and baby blue on these. Hopefully they will have all shed and start eating by next week then we should have them available a few weeks after that.

On the same morning, our ball python clutch #3 started hatching. These were from breeding Casper to a normal female so these are all 100% het yellow ghost babies. There were 5 eggs total, we had suspected one was going to go bad and it did...then one of the other ones had a full-term baby in it that died, looks like it was a BIG baby in a small egg and it just squished itself to death. Unfortunately you will have that. We did get 2.1 100% het ghosts though so all efforts weren't lost.

Well, that's about it for us. Did just finish a large run of racks in about 10 days. Busy as heck. All done though so I'm looking forward to the break for a few weeks.

Hope everybody is doing well and hopefully we'll see you soon!


Hey all! Hope everybody is doing well. Don't have any major news to report. We sold all of our possible het caramel girls from clutch #1 (Thanks Steve!) so I was marking those as sold and thought I'd just say hello :)

Been making racks like hotcakes, just got finished with the last round a week ago this past Saturday and another round of plastic got delivered last week and then more coming on Friday. Going to be a busy build week next week then we're off for a full weekend. Hitting the Fort Wayne Reptile Expo on Saturday then coming back and doing the Midwest Reptile Show in Indianapolis on Sunday. If any of you see me on Sunday and I look like a zombie, you'll know why :)

Still no sand or rosy babies yet. Big Momma and AN-F-5 both look absolutely miserable. They look like they just swallowed a small cat. Hopefully they'll bust some babies out here soon and make both of us relieved (I could REALLY use some variety at the shows right now, it's currently just a few ball pythons). We do have our het ghost clutch of ball pythons due to pip tomorrow or Friday so that should be cool. Looks like 4 of the eggs made it (one was windowed badly, I knew there was a chance it wouldn't make it) so we'll just hope for some good odds.

Hope to have some baby pictures online shortly. Until then, everybody take care!


Just came back from the Fort Wayne show...not a good day for us. Got to debut some of our new toys but that didn't bring any customers in. Oh well, you'll have those days. Met some great people and got our name out there, have to be happy with just that sometimes.

Speaking of toys, here are two of them :) We finally broke down and got a trailer. This will be worth it's weight in gold. It will allow us to get packed up before shows, it will stop me from breaking my back even further loading up the van with racks, and it will allow us to travel as a family much easier. We'd either have to take two vehicles to shows, or I could only take 2-3 racks. We put the whole arsenal (one of most of my racks) in there with plenty of room left over. Secondly, we invested in a pop-up display for shows. We LOVE it. Goes up in about 15 minutes and comes down in about 10. Maybe a bit overkill for most of our shows, but it gives us a good space to put some pictures (we decided to get fabric on the front and put on our own pictures rather than having graphic panels done). Anyways, here are some pictures of our new trailer on the outside, how it worked out loaded, a picture of our new display, then a shot down the aisle at the Fort Wayne show today.

I should have the first clutch of het caramels on the Available page tomorrow...oh yeah, almost forgot, the 2nd clutch has hatched. This was the 2 eggs that my monster girl gave me (well, those two plus 9 slugs...). Here's a picture of the first one right after it came out plus I snuck in some pictures that I just took this week playing with the new camera with some different lighting/backdrops and such, middle one is of my pastel male and the last one is a close-up of the albino.

Well, take care everybody, I'm outta here...going to go hang out with Boyce and Julie for a bit and then stop by and pick up the two new babies and get them settled in.


I was just putting some pictures online so I thought I'd take a minute to drop a little note. We're finally getting into the swing of things for '05, our first clutch of ball pythons are almost ready to go, racks are in full production, etc.

Did our first '05 show in Indy yesterday and it was definitely good to be out and about again. Great show they had yesterday, the place was a sell-out, vendors from wall-to-wall. We're planning on going to the first-ever Fort Wayne Reptile Expo this Saturday, hope to see some of you there and we wish Kurt and Kevin the best of luck with their new show.

We had our 4th ball python clutch of the season on Saturday morning. This was from my original adult female (BP-F-2). She was on her way out this year if she didn't produce, it would have been her 3rd year trying. She had 7 good eggs and 2 slugs so not a bad clutch at all. She bred to one of my het pieds so the resulting offspring will be 50% possible het pieds.

Still looks like we may get some albinos, ghosts, and pastels this year but as usual, my girls are saving the best for last. We have possible hets and true hets coming first it looks like. Just a waiting game right now :)

Hope everybody is doing well and I'll update the site here in a few weeks with our first available ball pythons as soon as they get a few more meals in them.


Well, they're finally hear...the first of the ball pythons hatched out on Wednesday. I've included a little photo story below including the first pipped baby, then the eggs all cut open, then all of the babies together. These are 50% het caramel albinos and weighed in at about 68g each on average. Hopefully we'll have some eating by the end of the month and will make them available.

Still have another two weeks on our 2nd clutch of eggs plus it looks like we have at least 8 more females that are going to drop for us, and that's where it should get nice and juicy (pastels, ghosts, albinos, etc.).

Hope everybody is doing well. Hopefully we can catch you at the Midwest Reptile Show on the 22nd or the Fort Wayne Reptile Expo on the 28th. This will be the first Fort Wayne show ever so we're going to give it a shot.


Howdy all. Man, Indiana weather sucks! 83 degrees earlier this week, last night it was 36 degrees and SNOWING! Yup, that's right...snowing in late April :)

Good news is that we got another clutch of eggs last night. These eggs were from our ghost, Casper, bred to a normal female so they'll all be 100% het ghost. She had 5 good eggs and 1 slug, as you can see in the pictures below. One egg has some 'nippling' on it but the egg showed veins so we'll hope it's a good one.

I was getting pretty disappointed there for a while thinking we missed a bunch of girls, their due dates came and went...well most of them have come around with another shed so things are looking pretty good. Looks like we have about 8 more clutches coming in the next few weeks so it should be interesting to say the least.

Racks are still selling very well, thanks to all of those who have purchased and those who have referred (I still haven't advertised in over a year, return customers and word-of-mouth sales keeps me busy enough). Below is a picture of the garage this morning and is pretty common for this time of year. I build everything in assembly-line fashion so I'll frame up 10-20 racks and set them aside, then I'll route them all, then I'll clean them all, then one-by-one, I'll pull them aside, put the heat tape on, put the back on, wire it up for heat, put the feet on, then do the final touches (good cleaning, screw caps, etc.). The racks below (18 total I believe....six normal 5-slots, six sideways racks, four 18-slot hatchling units, and two 10-slot towers) were built over the past two weekends and just got routed yesterday so they're all ready for backs/heat/wiring/etc.

Today is the Midwest Reptile Show and here I am typing on the computer...nothing to sell unfortunately. We'll be in full swing next month, should have some ball python babies hatched by then and many racks made up and ready to go.

Well, time to sign off. Hope everybody is doing well and hope to talk to you or see you soon!


Well, you win some and you lose some. We had a 3400g+ girl that was due tomorrow. She laid yesterday and we really expected a ton of eggs. Well, we got them, 11 to be exact. Unfortunately, 9 of them were slugs. It looks like the other two should make it. Here's a picture:

We have several more clutches due in the next week, then running all of the way into the beginning of May. Doesn't look like we're going to have as many pastel and ablino clutches as we originally thought, but hopefully we'll get a few.

Hope everybody is doing fine and hopefully we'll have more goodies soon.


Wow, breeding ball pythons is not for the impatient :) Still only have the one litter down so far, should have a few more next week.

Got a new pastel and ghost in last week. I haven't really publicized it (for embarrasement reasons), but we lost our breeder pastel a few months back. He was just breeding right along this year when one of the girls he bred to started showing signs of RI. I pulled him from the breeding regimen and watched him closely. Sure enough, he started showing signs of it. We got him to the vet, got him on meds, and he died a few weeks later. The girl that he got sick from? Still have her, she's doing fine. RI is a crazy, crazy, thing. So there it is, I lost another one. So this pastel is to fill that void. Hopefully he'll be ready to go. Here are some pictures. First is the pastel we lost (RIP), the new pastel, and the new ghost:

Finally caught some sand boas breeding. With the current setup, it doesn't lean itself well to capturing pictures like I have in the past, but these two were locked up long enough we were able to. In addition to these, we've had several lock-ups with the roughscales as well. Below is Big Momma breeding my awesome anery male AN-M-2 and my het anery breeding breeding my other anery male AN-M-3.

Racks are selling like hotcakes, the big round of 22 that I JUST finished building is down to about 6 right now...yikes, time to do it all over again :)

Take care and HOPEFULLY I'll be updating again here real soon.


Who says skepticism doesn't pay off. Got the call this morning that our first clutch had arrived. Typically you wake up to find a clutch so we started to remove the girl from the 3 eggs that she had. We got a good look at her (it's easier to see them when they're not coiled around the eggs trying to KILL you like she was trying to do this morning) and her belly was still really full. We put her back in her tub and she laid a 4th, then we got to see the 5th one come out in its entirity which was very cool. Got some pictures as well although they're not the best as we had to turn down the lights to make her comfortable. So, in the process of laying the 5th one, she abandonded 2 of the original 3 eggs (which we had already marked) so we got those put in the incubator while she nested. We checked back on her around noon and she was nesting on 6 eggs, so 8 total. All appear to be fertile! From a 2500g virgin girl, that is a great clutch. This is BP-F-23 who bred with our 100% het caramel albino so these will all be 50% het caramel albino. Pictures are below of the copulation, after 4 eggs were delivered, as she was passing the 5th, and all of the eggs in the egg chamber.

So when will the next clutch come? One can only wonder :) Also, for anybody that was curious if adult balls can be housed/bred in 32-quart Sterilite tubs, here's the proof. She was 2488g before she went off-feed, bred a 900g het caramel albino, and had a clutch of 8 eggs, all in the same 32-quart tub.

Also got the rosies out of pseudo-brumation and into their racks. Females already ate last night which is good. I'll get a few more meals in them then start breeding.

Take care everyone!


Two weeks huh? Wow was I off-base. I think I said that what, 4 weeks ago??? Geezlaweez. I still have at least 8-10 balls that ARE going to go, just kind of missed a few dates. BP-F-14 had another shed two days before her due date so the clock starts again with her. It does look like BP-F-29 who bred the albino and BP-F-21 who bred the pastel may have re-absorbed their follicles but we definitely still have several pastel clutches coming, several possible het caramel albino clutches, at least a clutch of possible het pieds, and a clutch of albino and het albinos. Lots to look forward to but I can only be SO patient :) I bet we don't make it to the end of the week without seeing some and I have a feeling that when it starts to rain, it's going to pour.

Sand boas have started to breed already. I've already seen several lockups between the roughscales, the Indians, and the Kenyans. I cut back a bit from what I've been known to produce but I did some 'weeding out'. Those that I kept are strong breeders and good producers so hopefully things will be a bit more efficient this year.

The rosies are in intermediate brumation. Rather than taking them out of the 60 degree cooling area and throwing them in 89 degree racks, I set them in the snake room for a few weeks to get acclimated, then I'll put them on heat. One problem...I'm out of rack space!!! I do this every year...I take the rosies into brumation and then I'm like "Wow, look at all of this rack space!!!" so I fill it up. Then when it's time to get the rosies back out, there's no room. I'm a goof, what can I say :)

We'll keep you posted on how things go here, hopefully they'll get better soon. Take care everybody!


Just have about 2 weeks before the ball pythons eggs start coming. We have 2 that have already been through pre-lay shed and another 4 that are in pre-lay shed now, then another 4-5 that will be following not too long after.

Racks are going like hotcakes, I sat with an abundance of inventory in-stock over the past few months and it's gone (well, I have a few 5-slot adult racks in stock but that's it). So, this was building weekend. We finally, after years of doing every bit of this by ourselves, got some outside help. I'd like to welcome Dan aboard as 'the' Jason's Jungle staff. I put him to building some racks this weekend and he did a terrific job. I'll put him to harder work once all of the pythons are born this year :) On an accident, I think he came across something that's actually going to be added to the product line. It's an 18-slot hatchling rack. The normal 12-slot sells for $225 and I can sell this one for under $300. Look for pictures on that when it's finished, I'm actually excited about it.

The last thing we need around the Jungle is another animal, but my wife really wanted a new dog for her birthday (today actually...I'm building racks and updating the website on my wife's, I'm bad...), and we just couldn't say no to this one. Her name is Nika and she's a chow/lab mix. Misha grew up with chows and by looking at the puppy, she's going to be about 80% chow. Look at this face!!!

That's it for now, just had to get pictures of our new baby online. Until next time...take care.


Bueller...Bueller...Bueller...Still the waiting game. I've had a lot of this recently...this is BP-F-20 ovulating. Looks like I may have sold myself one or two clutches short, looks like we'll have at least one more pastel clutch that I didn't think was going to happen.

Racks have flown off the handle!!! Out of nowhere...BOOM! I'm putting in a big order for plastic today and am going to try and pre-build some of the popular units for spring (a few 10-slot adult racks and a few 48-slot hatchling well as some normal sideways and hatchling racks).

Got the incubator all fired up over the weekend and I'm testing it thoroughly right now. I'm up to 90% humidity in the egg chambers and the incubator only has a .6 degree variance from top to bottom. Here's a picture with two 'dummy' egg chambers in it.

Well, that's all for now. Hope everybody is doing well.


Electronics..I tried everything the other day to get my camera to turn on and nothing. Came home today and no problem. Argh! :)

Anyway, here are some more albino breeding pictures as promised. Here's one of him breeding my 100% het albino female (can't tell that I'm hoping for some albinos can you???) and then one of him breeding my 66% het albino female.

Sorry, just had to get those online. Take care everyone!


As you can tell, it's a pretty quiet time for us right now. Ball pythons have almost wrapped up the breeding season, rosies are still in brumation for another few weeks, and the sand boas are getting ready for another big breeding season.

My camera is on the fritz (starting about 10 minutes ago) so I can't upload some more albino breeding pictures but I do have a few others that I haven't posted yet. Here's one of the het caramel male breeding BP-F-14, and another one of him breeding BP-F-24...that girl is a MONSTER. I can't even weigh her, she tops out my 3200g scale...I'd say she's around 3400g.

So far, it looks like we're going to have 2 pastel clutches, one het albino clutch, one albino/het albino clutch, 1 clutch of possible het pieds, and 2 or 3 clutches of possible het caramel albinos. Not bad. I certainly was looking for a few more clutches of pastels, but I'll take what I can get.

This is a dead season for our rack business. I assume it's industry-wide, if not, it just must be me :) I've had a few people with some interest the past few weeks and hope to do some sales at the Midwest Reptile Show this Sunday but other than that, it's quiet. I haven't had to have a building weekend in probably 2 months, no complaints from me, it's friggin' cold outside :)

Hope everybody is doing well and look forward to seeing you soon.


Haven't updated in a while so thought it was about time. Not much going on other than ball python breeding. The rosies are in brumation (early October), the sand boas are on full feed for now, and the racks are still going like mad.

Ball pythons are looking pretty darn good. The pastel finished up his breeding cycle (which was cut back to 4 rather than 5, our big girl got pulled out of the picture) with BP-F-22, I gave him a few weeks off (in which time he decided to start snarfing down food for the first time in months, then he went right back at it again and is on his 3rd girl of the second round. Here's a picture of him breeding B-F-22. The het pied is also getting his job done, only one girl for him this year. Here he is breeding BP-F-2. The het caramel is on his 3rd girl as well, here he is breeding BP-F-23.

Lastly, my albino project. The het albino girl put the feedbag on for me about 3 weeks ago, snarfing down whatever I'd give her pretty much...that's great news. She's already locked up with the albino twice. The albino has also bred BP-F-28 but still needs to do something with BP-F-29.

So in a nutshell, we're looking to possibly produce a clutch of possible het pieds, 2-3 clutches of possible het caramel albinos, one or two clutches of 100% het albinos (hopefully with an albino or two for good measure), 100% het yellow ghosts (again, hopefully with some true yellow ghosts in there from our two het girls), and several clutches of pastels.

Looking to setup one last time for the year at the Midwest Reptile Show in two weeks before taking a month or two off. With the babies almost gone (I'm down to 12 and I have 5 or 6 of those possibly sold), it's not worth the extra table and hauling the racks up there every month (especially in the cold) is just not that appealing. As soon as the ball pythons start popping, we'll be back there lickety split though :)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and if I don't update here in a few weeks, everyone have a great Turkey Day!


Just taking a little break from rack-making (I have about 14 to make up...should keep me busy for a few weeks) to get some pictures online. The pastel has been VERY busy. He's breeding his 3rd female right now and has two more to go (including our big 3300g girl). Here he is breeding BP-F-20 and here's another of him breeding BP-F-21.

Heading out to the Midwest Reptile Show in Indy tomorrow. Hope to see you there.


Fortunately things have settled down a bit from the last entry, could you tell I was at the end of my rope? :) Sorry about the venting...

We did the St. Louis Reptile Show this weekend. Major letdown. Not only were the Cards and the Rams both playing, but there was a reptile symposium in town and it really took a bite out of the show, vendors and buyers. We'll still do it again, met some great people there.

Racks are going like hotcakes, I can barely keep them in stock. Every few weeks I'll make 6-8 up and think "Okay, that will tide me over for a while" but they sell out. Not complaining though :)

The balls have started breeding!!! The pastel was locked up with BP-F-19 for over 62 hours!!!! Here's a picture. That's a good start. One down and 5 to go!

Well, I'm finally getting the het anerys and the last litter of normal Kenyans online. Check out the Available section.


Migraine, migraine, migraine...I've been sick for more than 3 weeks now and don't have the energy to get stuff in the event that I have time. Now Jacob's sick with hand, foot, and mouth disease and let me tell you, a screaming 1-year-old is NOT pleasant. I still need to get the last two Kenyan litters online ASAP. I did get the albino photographed and online. I got the babies photographed, just haven't sexed them and labeled them yet.

Preparing for Tinley Park this weekend. We're not setting up again this year. I don't have the inventory of snakes or racks to compensate the $450 table fees there. We will be going and browsing though. Don't have the funds to buy much but I still wouldn't miss it.

Weekend after that, we'll be at the St. Louis Exotics show which should be great. We've heard nothing but good things about that show. We hope to meet some new faces there and St. Louis is one of my favorite cities in the country.

House is finally on the market! Yeah! We still have quite a bit of touch-ups to do, still not quite 'show quality' and we're having an open house next Sunday...the day after the Tinley Park show.

That's it for me, need to get scooting. Hope everybody is doing better than I am <sniffle, sniffle> :)


Wow, I actually had to set time aside to update the website. It has been so hectic I can't see straight. Still trying to get the house ready for the market (getting there slowly but shortly...we've moved the date to the end of the month now) between juggling the business and normal jobs as well.

Well, good news, we've had two litters of Kenyans. Bad news is that I didn't get pictures. With the snakes over at the new place, I just forget to take my camera over. The first litter was a het anerythristic to anerythristic breeding which produced 1 stillborn, 4 live, and a ton of slugs. Guess which one was the anery? Yup, the stillborn, so we have 4 100% het anerythristic babies that will be up for sale soon. The 2nd litter was from Kyle's snake and she had 5 babies with a ton of slugs, actually better than we thought she'd do. She got weak and sick during her pregnancy and she's now actually getting some TLC in our quarantine area. Hopefully she'll pull through or it's going to be VERY rough for Kyle, he loves his snake. Those will also be available soon.

Even better news, our albino ball pythons is coming tomorrow!!!!! We splurged a little bit (i.e went in debt further) and have an '02 male albino coming. He will go with our 66% possible het female and our 100% het female for sure and we'll probably do another female or two with him to produce some hets. Just have my fingers crossed for just one albino baby this year.

That's about it, just getting some racks ready for the Midwest Reptile Show next weekend, then a BIG month in October...2nd weekend is Tinley Park, 3rd weekend is St. Louis, and the 4th weekend is the Indy show again. Wow, non-stop action.

Hope everybody is doing well and look forward to seeing you at the shows.


Winding down from a long day at the Midwest Reptile Show's annual Breeder's Expo. It was a great day. Sold lots of babies and met some great people...and of course talked with old friends, always a good time.

I just finished adding the anery Kenyans to the Available page. Those that had shed took their first meals this past Thursday so they'll be ready to go in about 3 weeks, please let me know if you'd like to hold on.

8/23/04 Finally got the new Whitewaters probed and documented. I feel jipped :) Each of the litters were 5.1! Two females out of 12. That's the way it goes sometimes. Please check out the Available page for more details.

Been a busy few weeks for us here. For those that don't know, we've decided to sell our current house. We've bought 2.1 acres just south of where we are at currently and plan on building our dream home with a 30x40 snake building. We (with the help of the snakes) have outgrown our current house and we've decided that additions aren't for us anymore. We look forward to the new place but we're a LONG way away from that. We first have to sell, then rent somewhere until the new house is built. In the meantime, we decided that having 130+ snakes in the house wasn't such a good idea while trying to show a house so some friends of ours, Boyce and Julie, kindly rented us out a room in their basement. We couldn't be more thankful. The setup fits perfectly in there (I kept the high-dollar snakes and big girls here with me) and it worked out great. That was after a LONG weekend...4 car/van loads of racks, snakes, and equipment later, we were finally done. Here is a picture of the first trip (not yet fully loaded) with our van and Boyce's Roadmaster (we'll call it the Red Rage HAHAHA), a closer view of the inside of the van, as well as a picture of the main wall at the new temporary Jungle.

Things at the new place worked out well, the snakes seem to like it and we had a ferocious feeding week...capping off our incredible, what a day. First were some new acquistions, a proven pair of eryx johnii from Scott Miller who my proven roughscales came from (we love Corkscrew but have doubts on his breeding ability so we got a backup), a 700g female ball python, and get this...a 3200g female ball python. Her name is Gi-Normous...or Norma for short :) And lastly, we got a breedable 100% het albino female ball so our odds of producing albinos this year just jumped up.

Short story long, at lunchtime I went to put the snakes away and found that our long-anticipated litter of anery Kenyans had finally come!!!! This litter was from two outstanding parents, quite possibly the prettiest anery I've ever seen. Here is a picture of the mom and a baby and then all the babies isolated.

I'll have a few of those on display at the Midwest Reptile Show in August but they'll a few meals short of being able to be sold. All of the Whitewater rosies have shed and will be available later this week. All ate their first meals this past week without a problem so they'll be ready to ship out in two weeks.

Oh yes, one last thing...and how could I forget. We finally have a female pastel in the collection. This was a baby produced by Jason at Circle City Serpents as part of a project we co-owned. What a fantastic job he did with her. She was born in early June and is already snarfing down large mice. If she keeps this appetite up, she may be able to breed for us in '06 but obviously that's a long ways off. Here's a picture of her:

Well, that's it for now. Hope everybody is doing well and we hope that everybody can make it to the Midwest Reptile Show in August!


Finally got some website updates completed including all of our normal ball python girls (that was a job and a half), our caramel albino project, and our albino project. Still have the pied project to go, but that can wait for a few weeks :)

Can't believe the response I had on the San Felipe rosies. I never advertised and sold 6 of the 7 in just 4 days. I hope I have the same response for the Whitewaters! The first litter of babies are due to shed here later this week then hopefully they'll take their first meal and will be ready to go by the end of the month.

That's it for me, just wanted to make a quick note. Take care!


EGADS! It's raining rosies!!! Had our 2nd litter of Whitewater rosy babies this morning, just 4 days after the previous litter mentioned below. This was a virgin female and she popped out 6 excellent babies and no slugs, I love it. Anybody out there waiting on Whitewaters, you'll be in heaven here in about 3 weeks, I'll have 12 of them for sale. Here is a pic of mom and the babies:

Hoping to finish up the round of racks I have going tomorrow. That should stock me up for a little while. It sucked being sold out (although a good thing). Other than that, not much going on.

Take care everybody!


It's seeming like no matter how hard I try, I keep falling behind. We FINALLY got some more babies ID'd and online tonight. I came into the snake room to upload the pictures, and low and behold, there's a litter of Whitewater rosy boas for me....6 so far although I think she may have a few more in there. Here's a picture from just about 20 minutes ago:

I still have at least one more normal Kenyan litter, one more anery Kenyan litter, one more roughscale litter, and a few more Whitewater rosy litters coming up within the next few months. Should keep me on my toes :)

Well, that's about it, I need to start working on putting the babies online. Check out the Available page to see what we have. Thanks as always!


Well, we're coming up on about the midway to our breeding season. The possible het albino balls are gone, all of the normals are spoken for (I have just one here and it's on hold), Big Momma's litter is disappearing fast, and I have several pre-orders for the rosies. They should be online by Wednesday. They've all shed and are ready to eat but first I need to get their picutres and get them sexed.

When we came home from the Midwest Reptile Show yesterday, we found a litter of Kenyans waiting for us from N-F-5. Unfortunately it's the smallest litter we've ever had (4 slugs and 4 live babies) but we're always happy to see babies nonetheless. Here is a picture of the babies.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. The ball girls are all getting enormous (I believe they range from 2200g to 3000g currently) and hopefully the pastel is getting all juiced up and ready to go, we really need him to do well for us next year. We're also working on a het albino project and a het pied project. We have a 100% het albino male and a 66% possible het albino female but we're looking for another female or two. We have a 100% het pied breeder male but we need somebody to go with him!

Well, that's it for now. Take care everybody


Hey all! Hope everybody is doing well. It's been pretty darn busy keeping all the babies fed and moving them out. So far so good. It was a particular good day for us here. We started the morning off with a litter of San Felipe rosy boas. Not only did we have them but I got to witness the last one being born which is a first for me. Here are some pictures:

Picture of Mom birthingBabies separated

We also received our 100% het breeder pied male today. We're looking hard for some possible het or het girls to go with him next year. We also got our 100% het caramel albino male on Saturday. Other good news...well, I suppose it's good. For the first time in 18 months, I am totally sold out of racks! Sorry to those that are waiting on orders but holy cow, I went through 13 racks in less than two weeks, I never saw it coming. I have 11 more in the process of being finished currently and will probably have another building weekend here in a few weeks.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for some updated Projects pages and the rosies should be on the Available page within 10 days or so.


I know, this has to be the quickest update ever. Fortunately, it's for good reason. Big Momma popped on Friday evening. She had 21 beautiful babies, 2 slugs, one stillborn, and one crazy underdeveloped runt. This one meant a lot to us. Belive it or not, after 9 years and 18+ litters of Kenyans, we'd NEVER seen birthing. They've always done it at night and we woke up to litters. We happened to come home late on Friday and I caught her. We snapped some pictures then let her be for a few more hours before we did the final count.

Here are some pictures:
- what we saw when we opened her tank
- picture of the birthing
- picture of all babies out
- picture of the 'underveloped runt'

Her offspring should be available in a few weeks after they all eat. That's all the news I have. Take care everybody.


Finally getting all of this year's babies up on the Available page. That includes a clutch of 50% het albino ball pythons, a clutch of normal ball pythons, and a litter of roughscale sand boas. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything.

Have several girls that should be dropping with 6-8 weeks. I have at least 2 more normal Kenyan litters, an anery Kenyan litter, another roughscale litter, and both Whitewater and an Felipe rosy boa litters. I'll certainly keep everybody posted on those.

We're looking to sell off some our stock to cut back a little bit, look for ads on Kingsnake starting next week. We'll have some adult Kenyans and a pair of Tartar sand boas.

Racks are continuing to sell well. I quit advertising several months ago as I could not meet up with the demand. I'm working solely off of return customers and word-of-mouth sales and still selling at least 2 a week which is a comfortable number.


Well, so much for a breather in between python and boa baby season. Two weeks ago, our 'mystery' clutch hatched out. As expected, they are normals. We had one baby that died in the egg, it actually was alive in there for several days so we pulled it out. It looked normal except that its head and never fully developed. It had no eyes or mouth! We had no choice but to put it under. We do have 8 great babies from that clutch though, unfortunately, the ratio was 5.3.

So here I am thinking I have about a month before the boas start having their litters (I had 3 gravid rosies, one gravid roughscale, and three gravid Kenyans that I knew of) and as I was checking cages tonight, I found a GREAT roughscale litter. Wow, it's awesome! She had 10 perfect babies and no slugs! I'm tickled pink. This is my first time breeding any sand boas except for Kenyans so I get to chalk something else up on the old board :) They'll be available within a few weeks on the Available page but for now, here are some teaser pictures; of what I found when I went to check on the mom, a family photo, and the babies separated.

Thank goodness the 100-slot hatchling rack is almost done. I should have it cranked up and ready to go on Saturday! :)

Other than acquiring a few big normal girls for our pastel, there hasn't been much going on around here. I am thinning the collection down a little bit (I'm out of space and it's just getting to be too much to handle) so look for some of my breeding stock to be available soon.


Wow, I really let a lot of time slip by me since my last update. This is what we call 'the waiting period' in the industry. We have had one clutch of eggs hatch so far. They were from a 100% het albino male to a 50% het albino female. We had 7 eggs, and now we have 7 perfect babies...but no albinos. Odds are the female was not truly a het so these babies are 50% het albino. The last one is due to shed today or tomorrow and when it does, I'll be getting some pictures and prices put on the Available page. Been a long time since I've had to update that page :)

In the incubator, we have a pastel clutch, a het axanthic/possible het axanthic clutch, and a 'mystery' clutch. Long story but I picked up a great girl and she was with the cinammon and pastel but I have a feeling she was gravid before I got her. Either way, that girl pumped out 11 eggs, 9 of them fertile! BIG clutch.

Breeding season is winding down for the rest of the sand boas. It's not quite what we expected, but it should still be a good year. We're definitely going to have a litter of Kenyans, a litter of roughscales, and a few rosy litters. Those are the girls that are gravid now and already stretching their scales. There should be plenty more after that, but that's all I know for sure at this time.

Racks are continuing to do well. I actually quit advertising them because I couldn't keep up with demand. I'm currently working off of referrals and return customers and that's keeping me busy enough!

Well, I need to sign off and get some other things updated. Hope everybody is doing well!


Can you believe it, I didn't wait a month to update! :) Well, we've had a loss in the jungle. Last week, our het albino female died. Weirdest thing ever. She was visibly perfectly healthy, she ate like a horse, and she was even breeding with my albino male on Tuesday night!!! Wednesday night, she was dead. We had a necropsy done on her and one of her lungs was toast. It wasn't a respiratory infection but rather a bacteria growth. It was hard to swallow, she had quickly become one of my favorite snakes. When she was opened up, there were 18 large follices growing in her. With the loss of her, I lost my chances of producing albinos this year :(

So, on to the good news...and there is plenty!!!! We had another clutch of ball python eggs, this one a 'mystery' clutch as explained below. She had 11 eggs, two of them infertile so 9 that are in the incubator. You can see that clutch here. I never posted a picture below of our first clutch so you can see that one here. It was the het albino to possible het albino breeding.

Our new Graziani pastel has locked up with 3 of our largest girls so far and there's hope for a few more. On the sand boa front, I FINALLY got my trio of Indian sand boas. I've been looking long and hard for well over a year and finally got a trio from Jon Benbow who originally got them from Randy Wright. You can see them on the new Indian Sand Boa Project page.

And then there's sand boa breeding. HOLY COW it's been busy. I've been trying to put at least two pairs together every night and it's been very successful. Just as a teaser, here are a few:
AN-F-4 (Anery Female)/AN-M-2 (Anery Male)
AN-F-5 (Anery Female)/AN-M-2 (Anery Male)
HAN-F-1 (Het Anery Female)/AN-M-2 (Anery Male)
N-F-1 (Big Momma Normal Female)/N-M-1 (Normal Male)
N-F-5 (Normal Female)/N-M-3 (Normal Male)
N-F-9 (Normal Female aka Kyle's Snake)/N-M-2 (Normal Male)
RS-F-4 (Roughscale Female)/RS-M-1 (Roughscale Male)
RS-F-5 (Roughscale Female)/RS-M-1 (Roughscale Male)

So far I haven't witnessed any rosy boa breeding but in the past I never have. The girls are getting NICE and fat though. Still also haven't 100% sure seen Saharan breeding although I did see some courting. That's something I've very excited about and sure hope I can pull through with at least one clutch this year.

We've had some visitors to the jungle and are expecting more. One of my good customers Kelly came down last weekend to pick up a rack system and check out our stuff. It was a pleasure to have her. I also have a good friend and fellow herper Troy coming over from Illinois today to spend some time with us (so I'm going to start cleaning as soon as I get done here HAHAHA) and then tomorrow one of our customers/friends Robert is coming over for a visit and to pick up some custom rack systems we made for him. Looking forward to both visits and to the Indy show tomorrow. Hope to see you there!


I missed my monthly update by a few days, but I'm here nonetheless. The season is in full swing. The ball pythons are laying (although some are still breeding) and the sand boas are going to town. I've already had 6-7 lock-ups this year which is a good sign. There have been two roughscale breedings (multiples times), an anery-to-anery Kenyan breeding (multiple times), an anery-to-het anery breeding (multiple times), an albino-to-het albino breeding, as well as two normal-to-normal breedings. I haven't seen anything from the rosies (no surprise there, I never have caught them in the act) and unfortunately nothing from the Saharan's.

The first clutch of the season is from a het albino to possible het albino ball python breeding. The girl produced 7 viable eggs that are on their second week in the incubator and look great so far. We have another girl that's about ready to drop anyday. She's a 'mystery' clutch. She was with our cinammon but was housed with a male before we got her so more than likely it will just be a clutch of normals, but a clutch nonetheless. We still have several clutches of pastels to come, another het axanthic to possible het axanthic, possibly another het albino to possible het albino clutch, and maybe a surprise clutch or two of cinammons.

The racks are continuing to sell well, I'm about ready to reach my 100th one here in a few weeks. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it's enough to keep me busy and certainly better than I had ever anticipated. Thanks again for all of those that support our racks, we certainly appreciate it.

Well, time to sign off. I promise to update some more information on the projects page, including the albino ball python project, the axanthic ball python project, and all of our normal females. Take care!


Well, I finally got around to doing what I promised and I revamped the Projects a little bit to show each one of my breeders and to show a little more information about them. I think it turned out well. I need to take some new pictures, most of the ones that I have are just identification for their feeding charts and not real 'pretty' pictures. I still need to add some miscellaneous stuff like my Russian sand boas, my normal female ball pythons, and the Cinammon project (I want to take some good pictures of him but he's in shed currently..he's a hard one to photograph anyway).

The rosies came out of brumation last weekend and they look good! The most weight that any of them lost was 33g which is a good sign of things to come. Tomorrow is feeding day so we'll see how they do :)

Just got back in from the garage after putting some finishing touches on some racks. There was about a 4-week period where I couldn't get plastic so this past weekend I made up 9 racks! You can bet the Ms. isn't too happy about all the time I've been working in the garge ;)

Exciting weekend, I'm making a drive to Illinois to pick up some snakes, including two HUGE roughscale females and without a doubt, the prettiest female anery Kenyan I've ever seen in my life. QUITE excited about that. As soon as I get them documented, they'll be viewable in the Projects area (you know it!).

Well, signing off. Take care everybody!


Hello all! I'm finally getting my butt in gear and getting the website updated to show all of my animals and some brief info about each one. With 80+ animals, this is going to take a while but I think the end effort will be worth it. To see a sample, you can go to the page I've started for my normal Kenyans here.

Breeding season has finally started for my Kenyans. My proven anery male AN-M-2 is a STUD!!!! He's already bred AN-F-4 (proven anery female) and tonite I caught him breeding HAN-F-1, a proven het anery female. Here is a picture and even cooler, here is a video clip of him courting her by rubbing his head on her back (he's locked up with her at the time, you just can't see it).

Other than that, we have bad news. Our MAJOR investment in a cinammon pastel with Jason Stoots from Circle City Serpents and Travis Eads has not panned out very well. He's 700g+, he producing sperm plugs like mad, but he's been with 9 beautiful girls and refuses to touch them. SOOO, we've invested in a proven breeder Graziani line pastel. He and my own personal pastel can be seen on the Pastel Ball Python Project page. We haven't totally given up on him, but we had to have a backup plan.

The racks are going VERY well. I can barely keep them in stock. In fact, my stock consists of 2 racks right now and my plastic supplier is on back order for another week. So I hope everybody hangs tight while I get some built. Thanks to everybody who's put their faith in their product. From this day, I still haven't had a single complaint.

Well, signing off for now and trying to get some more of the website updated. Everybody take care!


Hope everybody had a great holiday season and is doing well in '04. I just BARELY made my monthly update. It's been a rough month. Finally got a new camera, took a ton of pictures with it, then my computer went south on me. I just got a new computer, and have everything up and running as of about 10 minutes ago :)

We're just bout 5 weeks away from bringing the rosies back downstairs and letting the breeding commence. During that sametime we'll be pairing up on Kenyans. The ball pythons are still going well. I've added a pastel to the collection. He's a beaury (Graziani Line). You can see him here.

The racks are continuing to do very well. I have a great and loyal customer base. Sometimes it seems that I can't keep up (actually the problem is guessing what people are going to buy...I'll get the 'hot' item stocked up then everybody wants what I don't have a lot of :)

Just returned from a trip down to KY to make a delivery to one of my good customers and also to stop in and check out the Kentucky Reptile Expo. It wasn't quite the size of the shows I'm used to, but the people were very nice and the food there at the expo hall was delicous and incredibly priced. After I get some offspring in the spring/summer, I'm hoping to head back down there for some shows.

Guess that's about it for now. Within the next few weeks I want to redo the site a bit and show pictures of ALL of my snakes. I'm thinking it will probably be in the Projects section. I'll then just keep a few miscellaneous pictures in the Gallery.

Take care everybody and hopefully I'll be updating again before the end of the month!!!


Well, it's been more than a week. Unfortunately, my camera was stolen and that has caused some major delays. I had about 30 pictures on the camera that I hadn't downloaded including some breeding pictures. ARGH!

Things are going pretty well. We have a few snakes that need to beef up if there's any chance of them breeding in the spring and we're working through two females that have retained eggs from last year right now, it looks like surgery is inevitable so we've potentially lost those breeders. Other than that handful of animals, everybody is doing well. The ball pythons are breeding consistenly (at least the ghost to het ghost breeding, my 'mystery ball' hasn't done ANYTHING yet). The rosies are all upstairs in the closet for brumation (as of two weekends ago) and are all nice and plump ready for a big year.

Other than some holdbacks, I'm sold out of 2003 offspring! Another successful year.

Again, I apologize for the long delay. Once I get a new camera and get some additional pictures, I'll post them.


I am waiting to download some pictures to give everybody a LARGE update, but for now I'll say that I finally (gosh, it's only been 10 months) got the article transposed that appeared in the Johnson County Daily Journal last December. You can see it here. Don't laugh too hard at my sad attempt at a beard :)

I promise I'll be back by next week with a large update on what's going on around here.


Hope everyone is doing well. The '03 season is winding down and we're getting all of our pawns in place for '04. In addition to beefing up our sand boa production, we've also dived deep into ball pythons. We are now co-owners of a cinnamon pastel from Greg Graziani. In addition to hopefully producing cinnamon pastels next year, we're also working with an albino project, a VPI axanthic project, a Hornstein axanthic project, a butterscotch ghost project, a pastel project, and still working on proving out my own line of pastel.

The racks are continuing to sell well although we had some slight difficulties with damage during transit. I'm working with FedEx now to get those problems taken care of. Thanks to everybody who has bought from us and I appreciate the great feedback.

Just got back from the NARBC show in Tinley Park this weekend. What a great show! Not much in the way of sand boas, but it was AWESOME to see some of the one-of-a-kind items out there as well as getting to speak to Tracy Barker and Bob Clark. I have a ton of pictures from the show that you can check out by clicking here.

Well, until next month. Everybody take care.


Well, at least I didn't miss a monthly post :) Wow, things have been VERY busy here. The racks have taken off like hotcakes. About 20 units have gone out the door in less than 6 weeks. Thanks to everybody who purchased them. Hopefully you're as proud to own them as we are to make them.

On to the big news. At 4:35 on 9/9/03, our new son was born!!! Jacob Rylan Hess is doing very well as well as mommy. On to bigger news (and quite ironic). I stayed the night at the hospital that night and came home the next morning to check on the snakes and to take a shower. I had TWO litters the same night Jacob was born. THAT was a busy week. Anyway, in addition to having a beautiful son born, I was treated to a 6-baby litter of HUGE Whitewater Rosy Boas and a 5-baby litter to San Felipe Rosy Boas. The babies are now for sale on the Currently Available page. And there for a second I had almost given up hope on the rosy boas and thought about selling them. I guess they'll have to stay now :)

Well, OTHER than all that, things are going well :) I'm expecting only one more litter this year although I may have one more surprise one after that but I don't know for sure.


Again, I'm ashamed, I missed my 8/15 update. I actually had somebody comment that they were missing the updates (Thanks Ken!!!) so I got back on the ball. In my defense, I put a new wireless network in The Jungle and had to upgrade my computer. When I did, my web publishing software crapped out on me. That's now fixed obviously and we're back in business.

I hope this find everybody in good spirits and ready for fall. It has been VERY busy around the Jungle. We've picked up a couple of other pets recently, mainly a few normal adult Kenyans, a female het anery, and an albino pair (we had a tragic death with our original albino and have to redeem ourselves). All animals are excellent. The one female in particular is HUGE!!!! She put's Big Momma to shame. 2 weeks after having a litter of 23 babies, she pushed the scales at 670. She's already back up to 720 (compared to Big Momma who weighs in at 688). So, what do I call this one??? Any thoughts on that would be appreciated :)

The snakes have been keeping us busy (we're up to 71 currently with 3 litters of babies still to come) but the racks have been keeping us even busier. We just finalized shipping arrangements today. We just handed over a check for some boxes. We have some samples and they are great. We wanted to ensure our racks made it safely to their destination, and I have no doubt that they will with these. Downside is that they run $15/shipment, but I think it's worth it. I'm hoping to get all order shipped out on the 15th of September (HINT: Place your orders now!), so it's full steam ahead. We've only sold to about 15 customers, but all of them are incredibly satisfied and can truly appreciate their quality racks.

I promised everybody pictures of the Jungle but never followed through with it, so here are two setups. The first is of our south wall which are custom 10-slot units that we made (same thing as our normal 5-slot racks but just twice as tall). Second is of the custom 48-slot hatchling that we made for our babies. Luckily we've sold some babies so we still have some room for our last few litters of the year. Nice racks huh? :)

It's been a good few months. We've met some great people at the Midwest Reptile Show and gotten great feedback on the racks and snakes (thanks to all who have purchased from us). We've also chatted with some great people online. If you're not already, join the Kingsnake community, there is everything you want there and more. Until next month, have a great September!


Well, I feel ashamed, I missed a monthly update :( It's been a big month. We had our first litter on 6/30/03 and just had our second litter on 7/12/03. We're expecting at least another 2 litters (one of those ANY day) of Kenyans and one of rosy boas.

Our rack systems are now available!!! The new material is GREAT and we've standardized on 3 models. We debuted them at the Indy show last month and will be there again this Sunday with both snakes and racks. Hope to see you all there.

The new Jungle is completed. It was LONG project but everything fits nicely and it was done correctly. Bye, bye tax check :)

Some new acquistions I don't think I've mentioned in the past...We now have a total of 6 (3.3) Saharan sand boas. Hoping to breed those successfully next year. We also have 1.1 Snow Kenyans. The female won't be ready next year but we will certainly have some pretty het snows as the male is already 150g. We've also gone in on an axanthic ball python project with Circle City Serpents. Hoping to have a few axanthic babies next year. Getting VERY exicted about that. Finally, purchased some breeder rough scales that should be here in a few weeks. I've been looking for a good adult trio for over a year now and finally found them!

Also changed substrate...again. I actually went from aspen to pine shavings after having some 'splinter' problems. I then had some pine shavings caught in mouths that got to be a pain so I've actually gone to a coconut bark substrate. So far, so good. I even have the babies on it.

Again, apologies for not updating sooner. Hope everybody is having a great summer!


Well, everybody is getting fat in the Jungle, including myself :) Should be having some babies within the next month, especially from N-F-3 and N-F-1. We're still working on moving the Jungle to it's new home. We're almost done, just have some drywall work to do and we'll be finished. Also still trying to finalize the deal for the racks. The new material works GREAT! Unfortunately it is a bit more expensive. We finally came up with two 'production' models, revamped the design a little bit (much better), and are ready to go. One problem, the plastic supply company can't get us enough plastic to meet our demand. Back to square one on finding a supplier. As much as I was hoping to debut them at the Indy show this Sunday, it will be yet another month so I can build up some inventory.

I hope everyone is enjoying spring and look for us at the next Indy show (we'll be around this one, but only has a customer) :)

Forgot to mention, changed the logo a little bit (with some great help from my friend Hugh). Did some graphics changes and changed the tag line. I hated limiting myself to boas, especially with some of the beautiful ball pythons in the collection now :)


Well, spring is in the air. Hope that everybody is doing well. We've caught quite a bit of breeding activity and have at least 3 gravid Kenyan females and 1 gravid rosy boa. Click here to see a gravid N-F-1 (Big Momma), N-F-3, and SFRB-F-1. Other than keeping up on the collection, we got in our first snow Kenyans. They're an '01 pair and are GREAT! Hopefully the male will be breedable next year to produce some hets but the female definitely has another year to go (and she needs some TLC, she isn't used to being held).

More than anything, the cages have been keeping us VERY busy. We have built about 12 units now, 4 for ourselves and several for our little 'circle' of reptile friends. All-in-all they've worked out well but the plastic we're using was just too finicky. We got new material today (a lot more expensive, but lighter and STRAIGHT!). We'll be building our models out of it this weekend. If all goes well, we'll be marketing these within a few weeks. If all doesn't go well, then I guess I just have a garage full of plastic that I have no idea what to do with :) Stay tuned for the announcement! In the meantime, here are some pics of some of our first round racks. First is our new Kenyan setup and second is one of our standard 5-slot units that uses 32-quart Sterilite boxes (which we think are ideal for adult colubrids as well as ball pythons.)

3/10/03 Sorry for not updating but there isn't a lot of excitement :) Breeding season is in full swing. Rosies are out of brumation but I have yet to actually catch any of the rosies copulating (several courting attempts) but many Kenyans have been candidly caught. Here's a recent one of N-F-3 and N-M-3 doing their thing. Other than that, been working on the snake racks almost every weekend. We have cranked out about 6 of them and we're still not done with enough for ourselves! Here's a pictures of a large ball python rack we made for Steve. Pretty nice huh? :) Hoping to get some feedback on what everybody thinks. We're going to start with 2 standard sizes. One holds (20) 6-quart shoeboxes and will be around $275 and the other will hold (8) 44-quart sweater boxes (perfect for ball pythons) and will be around $300. Compare that to other people and you'll see why we're pretty happy. Keep in mind that this is welded 1/2" high-impact polycarbonate too, this is NOT melamine or cheap 1/4" stuff :) I'll have pictures of those soon as well as the custom ones we made for my adult Kenyans.
2/8/03 Breeding season has begun. Starting pairing up Kenyans two weeks ago for a few days off and on. The rosy boas should be coming out of brumation this next weekend. Witnessed 2 Kenyan pairs copulating already. Click here to see N-F-6 and AN-M-2 hitting it off and click here to see N-F-5 and N-M-2 getting down to business. Still working on some racks. Click here to see what it's looked like in the garage the past few weekends. Steve and I have spent probably 20 hours in there. Finished products so far are very nice. We'll know in a few weekends (after finishing our own stuff) if we're going to market something.


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