Ball Pythons

Double Ghost Project - $500
This has been an ongoing project of mine that I'm not going to be able to see through to the end. Basically, there is a strain of ghost called a green ghost that is not compatible with the orange/yellow/butterscotch variety. I had one of these males and did some breding with it (as well as a breeding loan with Bradford Cole Herps). We were thinking it'd be a regular ghost and we'd get some awesome ghosts but we proved it to be incompatible with the other strains. What I have is one male from ghost to ghost (so he's double het for both green and orange ghost), a female from ghost to ghost (she's also double het for both green and orange ghost), a female from green ghost to het orange ghost (making her 100% he green, 50% possible het yellow) and a baby from the double het ghost male to a normal female (so she's 50% possible for both strains). The price is incredibly fair for 4 adult animals.

Adult Genetic Stripe Pair- $1800
This is one group that kills me to get rid of, I've raised these up since they were babies 3 years ago. The female is flawless, whole stripe. The male is very bright with some patterning on the sides.

Adult Pastel Ghost Male - $400
This guy is great looking and a solid eater. However, 2 years ago he produced an AMAZING baby that I have decided to keep instead of the dad. You will not have problems with this guy.

Adult Bumblebee Male - $350
This guy isn't the best looking but he produces some killer babies. He produced an amazing killerbee for me last year and I've decided to keep him and sell off dad. This guy eats anything and is a breeding machine.

Adult Yellow Ghost Female- $800
This is another one I really don't want to part with but all of my ghost projects revolve around a pastel ghost male. I already have three pastel het ghost females that I'm keeping so there's really no reason to keep this girl around. She weighs just under 2000g.

Adult Proven Pinstripe Male- $200
I remember getting this guy as a juvenile and I've had several great breeding seasons with him. 2 years ago he produce a phenomenal lemonblast that will be ready to breed this year so I have no need for him.

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